Bunker Codes Warzone: Locations, Hatch Locations & Loot

Bunker Codes Warzone: Locations & Hatch Locations. In Warzone, bunkers are a fantastic place to find high-level loot in a robust area. Some take on a similar appearance to the big concrete bunkers we saw in Verdansk. However, others are deep underground and are accessed through a series of small hatches scattered around the map.

Skill is key in Warzone, but having your hands on more useful weapons and better equipment is invaluable. That’s why you’re going to need to understand where these bunkers are and how you can get inside. If you’re worried about that, don’t be – we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get into it then. Here’s everything you need to know about all the presently discovered Warzone Pacific bunker locations in Caldera.

Warzone Bunker Codes

  • Warzone Prison shack code – 72948531
  • Warzone Farmland code – 49285163
  • South Junkyard – 97264138
  • North Junkyard – 87624851
  • Park (nuke) – 60274513
  • TV Station – 27495810

Warzone Bunker Locations

At the moment, there are a handful of areas to talk about when it comes to discussing Warzone Pacific bunkers and their locations. One bunker can be seen at the base of the central volcano, to the west of the Peak POI. There, you should come across a door strikingly similar to the bunkers you saw in Verdansk. While this is indeed the entrance to a bunker, it is currently locked and the keypad is inactive.

In addition to this, another potential bunker location has been found in the Beachhead POI. This bunker looks to be a big one and seems to have four separate entrances. These entries are currently blocked off and cannot be opened at the moment.

This map from Call of Duty Fanatics and Killer Stidge describes all the Warzone Pacific bunker locations with red dots. As well as this, there are several secret hatches marked with yellow dots.

Since the Season 2 update to Warzone, a 14th hatch has also been counted inside the main building at the runway in the northeast corner of the map.

  • Bunker 1: Can be found at the northern end of the Junkyard region
  • Bunker 2: This one can also be found at the northern end of the Junkyard, in the middle of the Junkyard and Boneyard.
  • Bunker 3: This bunker can be seen between the military base and dam in Bloc 23
  • Bunker 4: This bunker can be located at the southern end of the Junkyard region west of the Boneyard.
  • Bunker 5: The 5th bunker can be found towards the south of the military base in the Lazoff Pass region
  • Bunker 6: The 6th bunker can be seen towards the east of the quarry in Bloc 18
  • Bunker 7: Head towards the northeast side of the Verdansk stadium to see the 7th bunker
  • Bunker 8: For this bunker, head towards the northeast side of the Verdansk stadium in Bloc 18
  • Bunker 9: Move towards the northeast side of the lockup in the southeast corner of the map for the 9th Bunker
  • Bunker 10: The 10th Bunker can be located towards the south of the garden near the edge of the map

Warzone Hatches Locations

In Warzone Season 2, Caldera’s secret hatches have finally opened up for players, and it turns out that they are the entrances to a series of Warzone research labs. Only seven of the 14 hatches have opened up so far, but the other half is expected to do so later in the season.

Warzone Pacific Bunkers Loot

Currently, the research labs are the only open bunkers in Warzone, and they offer players a lot of lucrative loot. Research labs will contain Nebula V Ammo for your weapons, Gas Masks, and several loot boxes, some of which are orange-tier.

Well, that’s all we know at the moment about Warzone Pacific bunkers and their locations. If you’re examining to get your loadouts in order, why not check out our guide to the best Warzone guns for your loadout? The bunkers are going to be engaged and having the right weapon in hand could be your ticket to winning the fight and getting the loot.

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