Best Compass Apps for Android That You Must Know!

Best compass apps for Android: When it comes to navigating outdoors, serious hikers, backpackers, and survivalists know the importance of having a reliable compass in their hiking kits.

With the advancement of technology, you can carry your phone into the backcountry and still have a compass with you.

Using a compass app is a convenient, hassle-free, and easy way to keep track of your route, distance, speed, and altitude. You can also use the app to find your way back home if you get lost on the trail.

Compass apps won’t replace the humble, accurate hand-held Compass, but they can be excellent outdoor companions. Browse our top picks for the best Android compass apps.

Best Android Compass Apps

1.     Compass 360 Pro Free

It combines ease of use and functionality with just enough extra features to make it stand out from the crowd. Unlike other compasses, which can only be used in one hemisphere, the Compass 360 Pro Free app works anywhere.

Degrees are displayed in a decimal format, making it easy to use, especially if you have little navigation experience. In addition, it shows bearings in either magnetic north or true north, making it a handy compass app to use with topographic maps or for general navigation.

It can be used for hiking, camping, rowing, traveling, and other outdoor activities. It orients naturally and efficiently while providing detailed directions. Besides being multilingual and working offline, the app also requires a location and WiFi connection to work effectively.

The main downside of the Compass 360 Pro Free application is that it only works with Android devices with magnetic sensors. It also consumes a lot of battery and contains ads.

2.   Digital Field Compass

The Digital Field Compass app is simple without all the fluff like fancy backgrounds or maps, so it uses less battery power.

This app is free, accurate, and has an easy-to-use layout with a digital center panel that shows your heading in degrees but requires access to WiFi for better results.

Additionally, the app can tell if you’re experiencing magnetic interference and is great for digital orienteering on land. In addition to pitch and roll fields,the app is suitable for use in a marine environment, such as sailing or boating.

You can adjust the declination of your current location manually and use Nighttime Mode to preserve your night vision.

You can use the Digital Field Compass app with your Android map app. The app is perfect for map reading training, walking, hill climbing, hiking, and general outdoor navigation.

3.   Gyro Compass

Gyro Compass functions precisely like a real-world compass. You can find your compass bearing, magnetic north, and true north, and the app will handle variations.

This app is free, easy to use, and provides powerful navigational tools. It also has a slope indicator, large numbers, and a rotating bezel to use as a physical compass.

The Gyro Compass app has a vintage compass design, and an odometer allows you to track your speed and path. The app doesn’t offer voice navigation,but it ensures that you reach your destination accurately and cover your distance in the right direction.

Gyro Compass is valid for a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, travel, picnics, and boating, and it works accurately all over the world. The app requires an internet connection (GPS or network-based) and access to the location.

4.   3D Compass Plus

Playing with the 3D Compass Plus app is fun since it provides augmented reality views, GPS information, and real-time map updates. Your device’s camera displays a 3D map, Compass, coordinates, speed, address, and time on an easy-to-read screen in the AR view.

You can use your camera to get a bearing or take videos showing your path or course and share them with others. Additionally, the app adds a little flavor via geocaching and is a helpful tool if you’re interested in orienteering.

People new to compass navigation will find the app helpful in learning about the relationship between bearings and travel. Additionally, you can take screenshots and embed location EXIF tags, date, or time in the screenshot files.

The 3D Compass Plus app has a free version supported by ads, but you can upgrade to the PRO version to enjoy an ad-free experience.

The 3D Compass Plus app needs access to your location, camera, storage, microphone, and an internet connection to function properly.

5.     Smart Compass

The compasses come with a GPS speedometer, a display capture tool, metal detector that is helpful in measuring the magnetic field through the phone’s sensor. The smart Compass contains a standard mode that uses the device camera for a real view of the environment. the other modes you can also use are the night, telescope, digital, and google maps with both from the street map the satellites. If you want to remove the ads, so you have to go for the pro version.

6.     Compass Galaxy

If you love to spend time hiking and fishing across the country, then the compass galaxy will help you find the places accurately, and it will be helpful for you as it has wonderful graphics. Moreover, it is free from any kind of error, so you can use it when you require compass navigation when you are out camping, hiking, or boating. So the app is helpful yet easy to use and does not need any permissions as most apps do.

7.     GPS Compass Explorer

So the GPS compass explorer is multifunctional and offers the function of a compass, and gives you many features. Using the GPS compass, you can also detect your own location. You can also use it to navigate the directions during hiking, camping, and traveling.


The blog describes all the best compass apps for Android that are great and work very well. However, google play havce so many apps that even do nottt work, so you have to find the best apps that work well. So the above mention apps help you in navigation. So share your favorite app in the comments that you always use.

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