Creating a Garden Room

A garden room is a great way to add a little extra space to your home. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from serving as an additional bedroom to providing a home office.

Whether you’re designing your own garden room or sourcing one from an architect, there are several things to keep in mind before building.

Create a focal point

Whether it’s a practical structure, a sculptural piece or a grouping of plants, a focal point in your garden room can transform a space into something more interesting.

The key to choosing a focal point is to consider your style theme and select elements that strike a note you like. For example, a Japanese lantern will set the mood for an Asian-themed garden while a trio of playful otters can be the perfect fit for a whimsical cottage garden.

Try experimenting with focal point placement by moving a bench or chair around the garden and observing where your eye is drawn. If it seems to be catching attention but also looking a little awkward, move it somewhere else.

Add a touch of greenery

Creating a garden room can be a great way to add a touch of greenery to your home. It can also help you to relax and unwind while reducing stress and anxiety.

A garden room can be used for many purposes including a quiet, shady spot to read or meditate, an out-of-the-way place to prepare a small cutting garden, a dining area, a cozy place to relax after a long day at work, and a more welcoming entrance space to your home or garden.

The best garden rooms use repeated elements to unify an outdoor and indoor space, like hardscape materials or a color scheme. Classical-style urns, for example, are a tried and true piece for a garden table and can merge effortlessly with other decor.

Create a relaxing space

Creating a relaxing space in your garden room can be as simple as adding comfy furniture and a few decorative accents. Use accessories such as art on the walls, hanging plants and window boxes, sculptures, bird houses, wind chimes or spinners, water features, fire features and throw pillows to tie the room together.

Decide what your garden room will be used for and work with that to create a space that works for you. You might want a quiet, shady spot for reading, an out-of-the way place to relax with family and friends, or a small dining area.

Create an extra bedroom

A garden room can be used for a range of purposes, including as an extra bedroom. Whether you need to create a space for a temporary living arrangement or you need a place where your kids can sleep during the summer holidays, a garden room can be the perfect solution.

When considering a garden room for your home, it’s important to understand the building regulations involved. In particular, you’ll need planning permission if you intend to use the space as sleeping accommodation.

It may be easier to comply with the requirements in the beginning, rather than retrospectively, so discuss your intended use with your supplier. Once you have all the necessary paperwork, construction can begin. You’ll need to ensure that your new space meets the relevant building standards, so make sure you work with a professional who is knowledgeable about these issues.

Take it to the next level

A garden room is a fantastic way to take your outdoor living to the next level. With a little thought and planning, you can turn it into a fabulous space where you can spend time relaxing and entertaining your loved ones.

As with any building, style and materials are key when it comes to garden room ideas – do you want a structure that will be sympathetic to your home and garden or a standout feature?

The right supplier should be able to help you design your new garden room, from its layout to the furniture. Whether you want to create an extra bedroom, a gym or an office, a professional will know the best way to make your new garden room function perfectly and look stunning at the same time.

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