Energy Efficient Filtered Water Systems From Billi Taps

Billi taps are energy-efficient filtered water systems designed and made in Australia. They utilise premium filters and provide instant boiling and chilled water.

The clever patented technology behind Billi systems recovers waste heat energy from the chiller to preheat boiling water. This saves on energy costs and prevents the need for ugly ventilation grilles.
Energy-efficient filtered water systems

Energy efficient filtered water systems from billi taps provide a practical and convenient alternative to boiling and chilled kettles. They take up less space, helping to reduce clutter in the office environment. Additionally, they have a stand-by mode that helps to save energy.

With dual-temperature dispense options available, the range of energy efficient filtered water systems from billi taps offers the perfect option for any kitchen update. These systems are often half the size of comparative products and offer a range of styles to suit your space.

Choose from an instant boiling and chilled system or a dual sparkling and ambient filtered water system. All are Australian made and designed, offering a stylish finish to your kitchen. For a complete solution, the Quadra Sparkling Plus system includes a separate mixer tap for hot and cold sink water too. With replaceable CO2 cartridges, these systems also allow you to control the level of carbonation for the ideal refreshment experience.
Space-saving design

Using energy-efficient manufacturing techniques, Billi taps are designed with the environment in mind. The Quadra Plus system, for example, reclaims waste heat energy from boiling and chilling cycles to preheat ambient water – saving you money on your energy bills and helping reduce carbon footprint. The system is compliant with Gold Global GreenTag, ensuring the filtered water is as environmentally friendly as possible.

If you’re looking for a filtered tap that provides immediate boiling and ambient water, a Billi system is ideal. With a compact underbench unit, it takes up less space than comparable systems. This means you don’t have to install a separate heater or a large cupboard space for storage.

Combined with a streamlined aesthetic, Billi taps can fit seamlessly into your office or commercial kitchen, reducing the need for kettles and freeing up valuable space. Contact Wellbeing Group, an authorised Billi service centre, to add a filtered water tap to your next kitchen upgrade.
Stylish finishes

Billi taps are available in a variety of finishes and designs to suit any contemporary kitchen. They’re the perfect choice for coffee purists wanting filtered ambient water or those looking for chilled, boiling and sparkling water at the touch of a button.

Choose from stylish chrome, brushed chrome and cool matt black. Or if you’re after a more eco-friendly option, the clever patented energy reclaim system in Billi quadra taps uses green technology to recover waste heat from chilling and reuse it to preheat boiling water. This saves energy and eliminates the need for ventilation grilles. It also makes the systems quieter to operate.
Safety features

Keeping boiling and chilled water temperatures separate from each other prevents staff accidentally dispensing boiling water and protects users from potential burns. Rather than using kettles, Billi Quadra Plus systems dispense chilled filtered drinking water directly from a tap that is always safe to touch.

Our patented heat exchange technology means that these systems are also energy efficient. They can preheat boiling water in half the time of a kettle, making them perfect for office environments where peak usage occurs during morning and lunchtime.

To further increase safety, all Billi systems offer a drainage font, meaning that when boiling water is dispensed the flow is momentarily slowed to eliminate splashing. They also have a safety switch which is activated when the system is not in use and reverts to safety mode after 8 seconds of non-use. This helps to protect users from accidental injuries caused by touching the hot boiling water tap and demonstrates Billi’s commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

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