How to Add Friends on Switch – Complete Guide

Are you queries to know How to add Friends on Switch? One of the most exciting aspects of a game console is the experience to play with friends. Whether you’ve lately funded in a Switch or you have had it for some years, you will probably need to add at least some friends. Therefore it is not rocket science, the method can appear a little confusing to beginners.

When you recognize that you can only join up to 300 buddies to your friend list, here are some steps on how you can add your greatest pals on Nintendo Switch.

How To Add Friends On Animal Crossing Switch
How To Add Friends On Animal Crossing Switch

Linking Switch to Nintendo Account

To merge friends to your Switch’s local user account, you will have to connect it to your Nintendo Account, the one you will use to handle things such as downloads, purchases, and friend requests.

Navigate to Switch’s homepage, click on the System Settings icon. Then, choose Users, and select the profile you would like to link with your account. Choose Link Nintendo Account, and log in with your Nintendo Account (or generate a new one by pressing the Create Account button).

Get Your Friend Code

After watching the Nintendo Switch settings process, you will be allocated a 12-digit friend code automatically. This friend code has SW as a starting word and can be seen on your profile page or also on the bottom-right of the “Add Friend” page.

The Profile Page is found in the top-left of the home screen. You can use the left Joy-Con to navigate to your pick, and then click the bodily a button on the right Joy-Con. For adding a friend to the Nintendo Switch, you will require to share your friend code (or receive another players’ friend code).

Initially, go to your Profile Page of Nintendo Switch on the Home menu, and then go to the Add Friend tab. You can prefer to handle any received friend requests, explore for local users, using friend code inviting friends, or accepting requests.

Add Some Friends

On the page of Add Friends, you will be given multiple ways by which you can add buddies to your Switch’s Friend List.

  • Find using Friend Code: Nintendo’s process of exploring for friends manually avoids searches through email in favor of the company’s 12-digit Friend Code. Undoubtedly, you’re apparently not going to memorize your own Friend Code, allow only the dozen numbers linked with a friend’s account, so be assured to get them to send their Friend Codes to you, just note down so you can join them later manually.
  • Local Users: Did your friend take his console over for a fleet ARMS match? Choosing Search for Local Users will let you see users in your contiguity and combine them that way.
  • Suggested Friends: The Recommended Friends list will show you other likely friends based on your friends list on your 3DS, Wii U, or a smartphone app like Nintendo’s Miitomo (all things should previously be linked with your Nintendo account). If you have previously got friends through those consoles or apps, you can locate them there and send friend requests that way.
  • Users you have already played With: If you have previously played an online multiplayer match with anyone, choosing the Search for Users You’ve Played with option will give you a recent list of users you have gone toe-to-toe with.

Keeping Friend Code in Contact Card

Because the Friend Code system of Nintendo is a complex process by which you can add buddies to the Switch, you will have to use it for the foreseeable future. Unto then, you can reduce the difficulty of memorizing and sharing that code by storing it somewhere you will always be able to find it: Your contact list.

On your smart device, press on the Contacts app and go to your contact card. Press the Edit button and search for the Add social profile option. From there, you can append a custom note or custom social profile (just give a name like Nintendo or something) and put your Friend Code there. Whenever you want to give it to someone, just text them your filed friend code from your contact list.

Nintendo Switch User Settings

If you want to retake a new friend code, maintain your blocked-user list, or remove any associated social media accounts, you can do so under the User Settings submenu. Choose your profile on the Switch’s home screen to get to this submenu. You can also manage your nickname, account information, icon, and eShop settings. Once you have some buddies joined, you can start connecting in multiplayer games more comfortably.


Q: Is friends can be add on switch without online?
A; To add buddies locally, you must be attached to a Wi-Fi network. If the console of Nintendo Switch is not linked to the internet, the console will save the friend request temporarily. When the console is linked to the internet that friend request will then be sent automatically.
Q: Where you can find the 16 digit code on Nintendo switch?
A: The 16-digit code is located on the receipt or card you received when you made the purchase. (Codes covered in system bundles are written on an insert inside the packaging.) Some Nintendo Switch’s retailer cards for software cover both a Control Number and a Download Code.
Q: Where you can find the activation code on the Nintendo eShop card?
A: Look at the backside of your Nintendo eShop card for a scratch-off code area. Some cards marketed through retailers don’t have a scratch-off code on the card by their self, the code is only written on the receipt you got when you purchased.
Q: Can a 3ds play with a switch?
A: They have questioned accurately how they intend to execute it so that Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch will coincide in the marketplace. And it seems as though the 3DS will be repositioned to provide especially to younger children.
Q: Can you play online multiplayer on the switch?
A: In the Online plans of Nintendo Switch enters online play in games like New Horizons, Animal Crossing, Splatoon 2, Ultimate, Super Smash Bros, and more. It has a voice chat feature while you play using the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app.


Many video games are best undergone with others, but Nintendo doesn’t truly make it simple to see and add buddies to your friend’s list. Compare to, Xbox and PlayStation buyers can locate each other via their different Gamertags or usernames, While Nintendo Switch buyers are stuck swapping unwieldy numeric “Friend Codes”. So above you can see the solution to all related user problems on the Nintendo Switch.

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