How to Change Margins In Google Docs? (Easy Ways)

How to change margins in google docs? In Google Docs, creating a document is more than just adding content. A properly formatted document is also very crucial. It may include elements such as line spacing, paragraph styles, and margins.

These types of items are especially important for documents such as school essays. We’ll show you how to adjust margins in Google Docs online and in the mobile app in this tutorial.

How to Change Margins In Google Docs?

Adjust Margins In Google Docs Online

There are a couple of ways to change the margins in Google Docs online. It’s up to you which method you use because they’re both straightforward.

Change the Page Margins Using the Ruler

A ruler is the fastest and easiest way to change your margins. Click View > Show Ruler from the menu if your ruler isn’t displayed. You’ll then see one display across the top and left.

You can change the left margin by putting your cursor over the rectangle/triangle combination on the left side of the ruler. A small arrow and a vertical blue line will appear.

To decrease or increase the left margin, drag inward or outward. Drag only one of the rectangles or triangles at a time, as this will affect the paragraphs and not the page margin.

Place your cursor above the triangle on the right side of the ruler to change the right margin. Drag inward or outward when you see the arrow and blue line.

To change the top or bottom margins, move your cursor on the ruler where you see the shaded area turn to white. You will see an arrow and a horizontal blue line appear. Slide the slider up or down to increase or decrease the margin.

When you drag the ruler to edit the margins, you’ll see the size (in inches) adjust as you move your cursor. This will make you more precise. But for more accuracy, follow the steps below to change the margins using the Page Setup.

Using the Page Setup, you can adjust the page margins

Here are the steps to follow if you want to input the specific measurements for your margins, for example, if you need one-inch margins.

  • Click File from the menu in Google Docs and select Page setup.
  • Under the Margins column, enter the measurements for Top, Bottom, Left, and Right.
  • Click OK to apply the margin changes.

Set Default Page Margins In Google Docs

If you prefer, you can set the margins in Google Docs online to default measurements. Each time you create a new document, your margins will be the same size. If you need specific margin sizes for your documents, this is useful.

  1. Open or create a document where you want to apply the default margin sizes.
  2. Select Page setup from the File menu.
  3. Under the Margins column, enter the measurements for all four sides.
  4. Click Set as Default.
  5. Hit the OK

During the creation of your next blank document in Google Docs, you can go to File > Page setup to verify that your margins are set to the default measurements you selected.

Setting margins to default sizes will not apply when you create a document using a template from the Google Docs Gallery. Template margins can still be adjusted as described earlier.

how to change the margins in google docs
how to change the margins in google docs

Adjust Margins for Columns In Google Docs

In Google Docs, you can still set margins differently for each column if you format your document in columns.

You’ll set the furthest left and right margins, which are technically page margins, by one of the methods as above. Use the ruler or the Page setup menu. However, for the inside margins or column indents, you’ll need to use a ruler.

You’ll see the blue triangle on the top right of your first column when you click within it. This is the right margin for the first column. Adjust the column margin by dragging the triangle inward or outward.

If you click within the second column, you’ll notice the rectangle/triangle combination you use to change the left margin. Drag your cursor inward or outward to adjust the margin of that column.

In a three-column layout, you’ll see the same blue indicators on the ruler for changing your third column. They won’t appear until you click inside a column.

Adjust Margins In Google Docs on Mobile

Working with margins on the Google Docs mobile app is a little different. It is not available in the current version of Google Docs on Android; however, it is available on iOS.

How to change the margins in Google Docs on an iPhone or iPad.

  • Open your document in Google Docs and click the three dots on the top right.
  • Select Page Setup.
  • Tap Margins.
  • Choose between Narrow, Default, Wide, or Custom, as explained below.
  • Tap Apply.

Narrow: 0.5-inch margins on all four sides.

Default: One-inch margins on all four sides.

Wide: One-inch margins on top and bottom, two-inch margins on sides.

Custom: Use the keypad to change the margin size.

Adjust Margins for Columns

To change the margins for columns in the Google Docs app on iOS, you will need to edit the margins for the page as described above. You’ll then increase or decrease the column spacing.

Here’s how to adjust the column spacing once the page margins are set:

  • Tap the Format button (the capital A icon next to the plus sign at the top).
  • Select the Layout
  • Increase or decrease the space between columns by using the arrows next to Column spacing.

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