How to Change Steam Username Easily in 2022?

How to change steam username? Steam is a popular platform among modern players, offering easy access to many of the top PC games and connecting eSports players. Some of the most popular games are Counter-Strike, PUBG, and Dota 2.

Steam requires an active user account with an associated username to play these games. Other gamers will see your Steam username during multiplayer sessions.

A fellow gamer will usually look you up by your nickname if they want to add you to their Steam friends list.

In this article, we provide a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to change your Steam username quickly and easily.

How To Change Your Steam Username

Before we look at how to change your Steam username, there are a few things that every Steam user should know:

  • Steam account names cannot be changed under any circumstances. Steam support cannot assist with this, so choose your account name carefully.
  • Steam account names are not the same as “profile names,” and they each serve a different purpose.
  • To log into Steam, you use your Steam account name, not your profile name.

You can easily change your username/profile name.

  1. Log into your Steam account. Alternatively, you can download and install the Steam client via your web browser.
  2. Navigate to the top right corner and click on your profile name. You can also click on the other profile name, which is located at the top left. Both methods will take you to your profile page, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.
  3. Select “Edit profile” to access Steam account settings. On the left side, you will find many options, but the one you need is in the “General” section.
  4. All you need to do is enter a custom profile name you want to be identified by in the “Profile Name” field. Unlike your Steam account name, you don’t need to make your profile name unique.

There are other ways to help your friends find your Steam account if you’ve chosen a popular name. Check out our guide on how to set a custom Steam URL.

What are the downsides of changing my Steam profile name?

Steam users choose their nicknames when they create an account. For many of us, this was many years ago. Throughout our lifetime, our interests and ways of expressing ourselves can change a lot. There’s no reason you can’t change your profile name if you have had your account for a long time.

Many of your existing Steam friends will probably recognize you by your old nickname, so suddenly changing it can cause confusion.

Steam has an automated message that informs the person you’re chatting with that you’ve recently changed your profile name. Steam actively warns against scams in which people impersonate others and ask for high-priced items.

The best way to verify that the person you are speaking with is who they claim to be is to look at their previous aliases.

Adding Custom Nicknames and Checking Nickname History

Some Steam users frequently change their profile names. Occasionally, they do this for fun, and sometimes it’s because they’re tired of their existing names. Usually, this causes confusion.

It can be very difficult to find specific friends if you have a large friends list.

Fortunately, Steam allows you to set custom nicknames for anybody in your friend’s list and view a list of their previous names, which is very useful.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to add a custom nickname to one of your Steam friends if you’re still unsure:

  1. Click the “Friends & Chat” button in the Steam app’s bottom right corner.
  2. After your friend’s list opens up, click the little arrow pointing downwards. When you hover your cursor over the name of a friend, the arrow appears.
  3. To add a custom nickname, click “Manage” and then “Add Nickname,” or to see the previous names of that user, click “Recent Names.”. This will help you identify any friends who have a habit of frequently changing their nicknames.

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