How to Make a Shield in Minecraft? Complete Guide

How to make a shield in Minecraft? In the 2nd cell of the first row, place an iron ingot to make a shield. With the exception of the sides of the third row, cover the crafting grid with wood planks. Then, move it to your inventory.

Shields are very important in 1.9+ PvP, as they give players more ways to block attacks.

After the 1.9 update was implemented into Minecraft, PvP changed dramatically from rapid clicking to more precisely timed hits. This made critical hits a lot more significant in the game. In Minecraft, holding a shield to defend against dual-wielding hasn’t always been possible; in fact, it was only implemented in Update 1.9, released in 2015.

Materials Needed to Craft a Shield

You will need the following materials to craft a shield:

  • 3 logs
  • A furnace
  • 1 coal (or another form of fuel)
  • 1 iron ore

The first block you will need to craft a shield is a crafting table. Making a crafting table begins with converting recently acquired logs into wooden planks. In order to make wooden planks, place the collected logs in one of the slots on the survival inventory creation table, as shown below.

Once the logs are converted into wooden planks, you can then proceed to build a crafting table. For your first collection of cobblestone, you will need a crafting table to make the simplest type of pickaxe. The cobblestone from this collection will be used to make a furnace.

Making a pickaxe begins with carving the sticks for the handle. To craft your sticks, you can use either the survival inventory crafting table or the crafting table you just created. As shown above, place two wooden planks over each other on either the left or right side of the square to make sticks.

The next step is to create a pickaxe, which can be done by interacting with a crafting table. On the crafting table, place a row of planks along the top of the building GUI and two sticks under the middle plank, as shown above. It will create a pickaxe you can use to collect cobblestone – a necessary block for building a furnace.

The next step is to find some iron and coal. Although you do only need one piece of iron for this recipe, iron is a really critical resource, so it’s suggested that you collect enough of it. To collect iron, you will need a stone pickaxe.

Using the same recipe as before, you can make a stone pickaxe by replacing the wood with cobblestone. An example is provided below.

  • It is quite common to find iron and coal spawning in caves, on cliffsides, or even at the surface in stone-topped biomes.
  • Once you’ve located your coal, mine it, and begin to look for iron.
  • Iron generates in similar locations as coal and can be readily found in both caves and below the surface.
  • Once you have found your iron, you must smelt it.
  • Smelt your iron by heating it until it becomes an ingot using your furnace.
  • First, open the furnace GUI.
  • Add the iron you wish to smelt to the top slot.
  • Next, place the fuel (in this case, coal) into the bottom slot.
  • Once the progress bar fills, collect your iron.

Finally, you can make your shield once you have your iron ingot!

How to Craft a Shield in Minecraft?

Following is a step-by-step pictorial guide you can use to make a shield in Minecraft:

To create a shield in Minecraft, you must first set up your crafting table. Open the crafting table GUI as shown here:

Place your wooden planks on the crafting table in a Y-shape, filling the corners of the first row, the entire second row, and the center of the third row. Next, fill in the middle of the first row with your iron ingot. This will make a shield!

What can you do with a shield?

Shields are used to blocking both melee and projectile attacks. Raising your shield when a skeleton shoots at you, for example, will prevent you from being hit by the arrow. If you raise your shield during zombie attacks or other attacks like that, you will not take damage.

Each hit to your shield does cause it to lose durability, though, so be sure to check when your shield is about to break.

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