How to Make Yourself Sneeze (12 Swift Ways to Trigger It)

How to make yourself sneeze? Sneezing is a natural and involuntary release of air from the nose process that commonly happens to people. It is how your body gets irritants out of the nasal passages. As you all know, allergens, viruses, and other irritants can cause sneezing that could be powerful and sudden.

Moreover, sometimes people could have the desire to sternutation but can’t do it. In contrast, this inability to sneeze can be quite annoying, usually when there is an irritant in the nose or the person is overflowing.

Fortunately, it is easy to sternutation for the body, and if you want to do it forcefully, you have come to the right place because I will suggest to you 12 ways to sneeze in demand powerfully.

What are The Causes of Sneezing?

The mucus in the nasal passages becomes trapped with irritants and other foreign substances when they enter the nose. The stomach absorbs the particles, whereas the stomach’s acid neutralizes them.

Besides the diaphragm, stomach muscles, the chest, and the throat play a role in sneezing. The mucous membranes of the nasal and throat can be irritated by these fine particles. When this nerve is stimulated, it sends a message to the brain that triggers the body to cough.

12 Quick Ways to Trigger Sneezing

You will probably feel itching or something else when you need to sneeze, but you cannot do it forcefully. It’s natural, and sometimes it becomes frustrating, especially when you need to clear your nasal passage. Therefore, the following is a quick way to trigger sneezing without irritation easily.

1.  Poke your Nose with a Tissue

Fold a corner of a tissue into a point and place it in one nostril.
It would help if you now moved the tissue back and forth slowly until you feel a tingling sensation, which stimulates the trigeminus nerve. Moreover, it is necessary to take care when using this technique. Do not insert the tissue too far inside the nostril, as it may cause pain.

2.  Look at the Bright light

Some people sneeze uncontrollably when suddenly exposed to bright light. This happens due to the trigeminal nerve is located beside the optic nerve. Researchers estimate that the 3rd of the population is sensitive to this form of reflexive sneezing, known as the photic sternutation reflex. However, photic sneezing is hereditary; if one parent is affected, their child has a 50 percent chance of also having reflexes.

Note The people who sternutation Infront of the bright light. So be careful, don’t look directly into the sun because it can damage your eyes somehow.

3.  Smell Strong Perfumeto Sneeze

Some strong perfumes are generally much stronger than colognes and can cause people to sternutation. Try this spray perfume in the air to irritate the nasal lining for sneezing.

Be careful not to inhale the perfume’s particles directly, and never spray them indirectly into your nostrils.

4. Tweeze A Nostril Hairsto Sneeze

When you pluck out a single nostril hair, the trigeminal nerve is stimulated, causing you to sneeze. However, you should be gentle as the skin in your nostrils is extremely sensitive.

5. Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark Blackout bar chocolate that contains about 85% of cocoa can lead to sneezing. It usually works for sneezing that is not actually allergy-induced. However, this trick does not work for everyone, but sometimes it works for some people. Especially those who do not eat chocolate daily.

6. Sniff a Few Spicesto Sneeze Yourself

Some spices such as black paper, cumin, coriander, and crushed red pepper are known nasal irritants. A compound in both black & white pepper contains piperine which irritates the mucous membrane. However, strong odours may cause some people to feel a burning sensation that leads to sneezing, coughing, or other breathing problems.

You need to open a spices jar and take a slow sniff or grind up some peppercorns to induce a sneeze if you don’t want to sniff. Make sure that smelling some spices could not cause any burning sensation in the nostrils.

7.  Get Cool Air

You can notice that you sternutation more when you are cold. So go ahead to the cold area and take a deep breath of cool air. Now the cold air will trigger nasal congestion for sneezing.

On the other side, if you don’t feel the cool air in the environment, open the freezer or air conditioner to take a deep breath to sneeze.

8.  Drink Something Fizzy

When carbon dioxide from fizzy drinks is inhaled, a tongue receptor called TRPA1 is activated. As a result of several receptors being stimulated, the body increases saliva and triggers a cough or sternutation. However, using the nose to inhale the bubbles also works since the tongue is less sensitive to carbon dioxide than the nose.

9.  Rub Your Noseto Sneeze

Get a response from the trigeminal nerve by gently rubbing the bridge of the nose downward. Some people may also experience results when lightly pinching the nose. As before, experiment with the technique until a tickling sensation, and a sneeze occurs.

10. Slant the Head Back

I think this technique may be especially beneficial for those who feel a sneeze coming on, but it does not materialize. Just lean the head back and look upwards.

11. Use Feathers for Tickling

Tickle your nose with a feather is another way to get someone to sneeze. Using a feather to stroke the nose may work to trigger a sternutation in life. Avoid using a real feather under your nose, and the tickle will take care of the rest.

12. Use Warm Waterto Sneeze Yourself

Sometimes like, hot water can do the sneezing technique properly, and taking steam is another way of treating sneezing. All you need to do is take some water in a big bowl and get over the steam as it releases. The water droplets in your nose should make you sneeze smoothly.


In conclusion, there are different types of tips & tricks over here that everyone cannot use because they cannot work for everyone. Therefore, I have described multiple ways to get sneezing in the article. Sometimes it only works for specific people and does not cause any irritation. Just only stimulate the trigeminal nerve to get sneezing. If you know about another method of sneezing, just let us know in the comment box.

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