How To Move Steam Games to Another Drive – A Guide of 2022

Gaming has never been better, thanks to Steam. There are thousands upon thousands of titles of RPGs, sports, action, MMOs, Virtual Reality, or FPSs available on this online gaming platform. As well as Cyberpunk 2077 and Red Dead Redemption, you can purchase the latest popular games. It is easier for Steam users to search and play their games when games are installed on a single drive. However, that’s when trouble begins.

Why Should Steam Games Be Moved to Another Drive?

There are bad things that happen when you install many games on the same computer. For example, when you try to load the games, they may stop working or show an error message. Some people solve this problem by moving games to another drive on their computer, such as moving game files from C: drive to D: drive. This is the best solution to keep your installed games working and keep yourself entertained. In addition, it will save you the hassle of having to reinstall games.

Another reason people move Steam games to another folder is to free up space on their computer. Freeing up space on your drive might make your computer run faster. However, you will have to move your files manually. Whenever you install a new Steam game, the C: drive folder that stores it grows larger and larger until it is full of games, many (possibly most). The reason you should move your game files to another drive is also because of this.

Moving Steam Games on Your Computer (2Easy Fixes)

You can move your Steam games to another drive using quite a few methods. In this guide, we’ll share the three most straight forward ways for you to start playing your favorite games again.

How to Move Steam Games by Adding a Library Folder to Steam (1st Fix)

Steam has an easy option for moving or installing games to a different drive. You can move games from one drive to another by using the Move Install Folder option.

You can move more game files to another drive using the Steam Library Manager or the Steam Mover. There is an advantage to using this Steam tool since you can add specific games to specific libraries. The process is as follows:

  • Click on Steam
  • Click on Settings.
  • Select Downloads.
  • Choose Steam Library Folders.
  • Select Add Library Folder.
  • Make a new folder or select New Folder to create one.
  • From now on, all new Steam games will be stored in this folder. You can move pre-installed games to another folder by selecting Local Files.
  • Select Library from the top menu. Right-click on the game you wish to move to and choose Properties.
  • Click the Move Install Folder option.
  • Move several games files to another location using the Move Folder option.

Moving Steam Games Using Steam Library Manager (2nd Fix)

The Steam Library Manager tool allows you to manage your Steam libraries easily. You can see a complete list of your Steam libraries through this tool. Using the Steam Library Manager, you can move your games to another drive and backup pre-installed games.

All you have to do is drag and drop the game file into another folder. Multiple game folders can be moved simultaneously using the Task Manager option. These are the basic steps to follow:

  • Through the main website, install the Stream Library Manager.
  • By selecting the library option, you can see all the games you have previously installed as well as your Steam library. In addition, the game folder can be dragged and dropped into this section.
  • Check the Steam games’ destination folder by clicking the Task Manager option. Then, click the Start button to start moving games to another folder.
  • View your backlog of games that you’re moving to a new folder.

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