How to Share Screen on Skype through Mobile & PC?

How to share screen on skype? Skype is one of the best free internet calling apps available. If you are an avid Skype user, then you will attest to its greatness. Apart from video chatting, there are many other features to take advantage of.

Skype’s ability to share your screen is one of its greatest features. In just a few clicks, you can invite multiple family members and friends to the conversation.

How to share screen on Skype (PC)

If you are running any OS other than Windows 10, you are most likely using the Classic Desktop software. Thanks to Microsoft, even when switching between versions, we get a unified experience. The choice between one version and the other really just comes down to our personal preferences.

Due to this, this guide is applicable to both Skype versions that Windows offers, even though the screenshots included are of classic desktop software.

Click the phone icon in the top-right corner to initiate a call with a contact from the Recent Chats list.

The next step depends on your video call. The hideaway toolbar has a double-square Share Screen icon when the Recent Chats panel is hidden. Click that icon to proceed.

During your call, if the Recent Chats panel remains open, click the three-dot More Options icon on the hideaway toolbar. Click Share Screen.

Your call screen is temporarily replaced by the Share Screen interface. If you have just one display, you’ll likely only see one window. If your PC has two or more screens, click the screen you want to share and then click the Start Sharing button. Additionally, you’ll see a toggle to stream the PC’s sound.

You are now sharing your screen! Your selected screen appears with a small red border, indicating it is currently streaming to your contact.

You can switch between screens on PCs with multiple screens. Click the Screen Sharing Options or More Options button – depending on your current view – and then select Switch Screen or Window from the menu that appears.

Select the Stop Sharing option from the pop-up menu after clicking the double-screen icon. Use this method when the Recent Chats panel is closed.

During your call, if the Recent Chats panel remains open, click the three-dot More Options icon and select Stop Sharing from the pop-up menu.

Skype: How to share your phone screen

Although screen sharing is available on most modern devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, this guide will focus on the iPhone X screen sharing process.

  • Click on the contact’s name in your contact list to call them. Select the phone icon at the top right corner of the window.
  • Tap the screen to reveal an icon in the bottom right corner of the screen while the call is streaming. By tapping the icon, a menu will appear.
  • From the menu, select Share Screen, and a screen will appear.
  • Click on the Skype listing, then tap the Start Broadcast button.
  • Your contact can now see your screen. You can broadcast what you want to share by switching to the appropriate app. You can stop the broadcast by opening Skype again and clicking on Stop Broadcast.

You might be interested in learning how to record your favorite calls once you become more comfortable sharing your screen on Skype.


On Skype for Android, the screen share button will be hidden.

  • Launch the Skype app on your Android device.
  • For more options, tap the “…” button at the bottom-right of your call.
  • Tap the screen share button. It will be the right-most option in this menu.

Android 6.0 and above are required to use this feature. You won’t be able to use this feature if you’re using an older version.


Q: Why can I share my screen on Skype?

A: You need to be on a voice or video call with the person you want to share your screen with. If you’re not in a call, you won’t have the option to show screens. Make sure you and the person with whom you are sharing your screen are using a version of Skype that supports screen sharing. Get the latest version of Skype.

Q: Can I see the other person on Skype?

A: Make sure the other person doesn’t select “Hide Myself” or “Stop My Video” when she right-clicks on her Skype screen. Additionally, if the other person does not have the latest version of DirectX technology, this can disable video on Skype.

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