How to Squad Stream on Twitch With Others?

How to Squad Stream on Twitch? Streaming live with other streamers is a helpful way to help each other build communities and it gives you an easier way of creating content. Twitch has an in-built feature called squad streaming that allows viewers to watch multiple streamers at the same time, giving them a chance to see a game from multiple angles simultaneously.

Hosting a Squad Stream on Twitch

Squad streaming is currently limited to Twitch partners. Here is how you can set up a Twitch squad if all of the members are Twitch streamers:

  • Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Creator Dashboard.”
  • Find “Squad Steam” in the dashboard menu.
  • Invite other partners to your squad.
  • Once others have joined, you will be able to start the squad stream.

As the squad leader, you can kick other members if necessary. If you end your stream before the other streamers, the first person who joins your squad will become the new leader.

What is the maximum number of streamers Squad can stream at once?

Using the Squad Streaming feature, SkyrrozeTV and Berdydaft played CoD together.

Squad streaming allows you to stream with up to three other streamers at the same time (4 total). With squad streaming, the content creators can gain more exposure within each other’s communities and with people who are specifically interested in watching squad streamers.

When Squad streaming, viewers will be able to see all participating broadcasters in the same window, allowing them to view several different angles of gameplay at the same time.

Squad Stream Monetization

Twitch viewers will have the option of choosing one of the streamers to be featured in their main viewing window. The viewer’s Bits or subscription will go to the streamer of their choice (based on which is displayed in the main window).

Ad revenue will be distributed according to the streamer each viewer has in their main viewing window. They will only see ads on those.

Alternatives to Squad Streaming for Affiliates

Currently, squad streaming is only available to Twitch partners, but affiliates can still group together, create group streams, and ask their viewers to watch from third-party software that will allow them to watch all streamers simultaneously. You can set up the streamers you want to watch on several platforms, including MultiTwitch.

How to Watch Twitch Squad Mode

Whether you want to watch your favorite streamer broadcast in squad mode with their friends or you want to watch anyone in the squad stream category, here’s how you can use the feature:

  • Visit the channel of one of the streamers participating in the squad event.
  • The “Watch in Squad Mode” button is listed under the “Follow” and “Subscribe” buttons.
  • Streamers whose channels you came from will be shown on top, and all other channels will be shown beneath them.
  • Toggling between streamers can be done by clicking their avatar on the top left-hand side of the screen.

Note: if you sub, use your Prime Gaming, or donate during stream mode, your donations will go to them.


Q: What is a Squad Stream?

A: Twitch allows up to four content creators to stream at the same time. The squad starts with one streamer and invites others to join. Each streamer’s viewers will be able to watch all four streamers in the same Twitch window. It is a strong networking tool for streamers who want to work or play together.

Q: Can Twitch Affiliates Squad Stream?

A: Due to the limited server capacity, affiliates cannot squad stream on Twitch. The platform hopes to open up the feature to affiliates in the future, but it hasn’t set an estimated date.

Q: Can Streamers Communicate with Each Other While Squad Streaming?

A: Squad streaming does not support voice or video communication between streamers. To meet their needs, they will need to use a third-party chat platform like Discord.

Q: When a Squad Stream ends, what happens?

A: Viewers who had a streamer as their primary video feed within squad view will remain in squad view if the streamer ends the stream. In the event that one of the streamers chooses to play a different game or becomes idle while still live, the team leader can choose to remove them from the feed.

Q: Is it possible to follow all Twitch Squad members at once?

A: All Squad Stream members cannot be followed, subscribed to, or donated to at the same time. Each streamer must be supported individually if a viewer wants to help them.

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