How to Style a Bandana? Ways To Wear A Bandana This Summer

How to style a bandana? I haven’t personally tried all of these ways. However, I still wanted to share all the different ways you can wear a bandana. Just in case you’re interested. I’ll provide examples when I have photos of how I’ve worn my bandana.

First up, let’s talk about how to wear a bandana on your head – because we’ve got a few different options.

Ways to Wear a Bandana This Summer

As a headband

It’s easy to wear as a headband, which might be my favorite way to use it. I’ve been doing this (and #3) all summer long so far! This is cute if you want your hair out of your face or if it’s hot (like all summer in Dallas). Tie the bandana around your head, and then either let your hair down, half up, or top knot it. It looks great!

You can choose to leave the knot behind your hair or on top. It all depends on what you want to achieve. The knot upfront definitely adds a more girly touch, which is fun.

Tie Your Bandana around Your Pony

This looks great with ribbons too, but a bandana is so much fun around a ponytail. With little effort, it adds a touch of sass to a ponytail. You could do a low pony or a high pony, but I usually go high. Pro tip: Use a hairband first and then tie the bandana on for more support.

Knot It around Your Head

As with way No. 1, it’s pretty much the same. (As a headband), but instead of tying it in the back under your hair, tie it on top for a cute bow-like appearance. I also wear it like this when I’m at the beach a lot – it’s so cute!

As for how you can wear your bandana as a necklace, there are a few variations on how you can do that!

As A Choker

Another way to wear your bandana is as a choker as you can see in the outfit above. It took me a moment to get used to wearing my bandana like this, but I love how it looks with an open neckline like this dress. Make sure that you fold the bandana very tightly so that all loose ends are secured. The result is better when you use a square bandana like the ones at Madewell.

You can wear it as a necklace

This might be my favorite way to style a bandana at the moment. It’s just SO enjoyable, right? Since my favorite bandana is red, I’ve been wearing a simple white shirt and denim shorts with my favorite red bandana. It feels like summer to me!

I also love it with cute denim, white, or black dress. Truly any color combo would work depending on the color of the bandana/scarf you’re using. If you’re wearing this look, keep your earrings minimal or it’ll be too much going on.

Wear It as a Triangular Choker Necklace

While I haven’t worn it like this (yet!), I’ve seen girls wear their bandanas like this to make an outfit. This is something I should definitely try. What about you?

Tie Your Bandana onto denim

If you’re wearing a basic outfit and want a small extra touch, you can tie the bandana in a bow on one of your belt loops. Again, super simple but cute!

Bathing Suit Cover-Up

If it’s a large bandana, you wear it over your bathing suit. There are girls who make really cute bandeau-style tops with scarves, but that’s not my style. I don’t love showing that much skin and there’s a lot that could be wrong there!

If you like that look but aren’t trying to show much skin, try it over a bandeau bathing suit. It looks great with high-waist denim shorts for a day at the pool or whatever. I would wear it on the Fourth of July, too!

Adding a Pop OfColor To Your Bag

If I’m not in the mood to wear it as a necklace or around my head, I’ll tie it to my bag if I feel it’s missing something from my outfit. I do with scarves too. It’s an easy way to add a pop of color to an outfit without trying too hard.

What other ways do you have to style a bandana slash headscarf? Let me know, you know I’ll try it!

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