How To Teleport in Minecraft By Using Console Command

Minecraft’s worlds are enormous. There are more than 30 million blocks in each cardinal direction in the vanilla version of the game – that’s not counting places like the Nether or the End.

This means that even if you’re fast, getting from one place to another will take you a long time. However, there are shortcuts. It is possible to teleport almost anywhere and teleport other players using the command codes in both Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft. Find out how.

The Best Way to Teleport in Minecraft

It’s necessary to enable cheats in your Minecraft world before you can teleport. If you are creating a new world or playing in one you have already made, you can allow cheats to in one of two ways. For more information, see our article on how to enable cheats.

Open the chat menu by pressing T on your keyboard or the right D-pad button on your controller once you’ve enabled cheats. For example, typing/tp will take you to the chat menu.

From here, you can choose from several options. Teleportation is most accessible and best done using XYZ coordinates.

Every location in Minecraft has its own unique XYZ coordinates. You might need to press Fn + F3 on a laptop to find them in the Java edition. During Bedrock, pause the game, click Settings, and then toggle the Show Coordinates option in the Game Settings menu.

Any location can be teleported to if you possess its coordinates. Please type your command this way: /tp X Y Z.

You would type /tp 70 70 70 if you wanted to teleport to locations 70, 70, 70, for example.

When you’re not sure exactly where you want to go but know the direction you want, hit the tilde key (~). For example, you can warp yourself 70 blocks east, 70 blocks up into the air, and 70 blocks south of your current location by typing /tp *70 *70 *70. Before the number, add the minus sign to go the opposite way (west, down, north).

Teleporting other players is also possible. When you teleport a player, you need to type their username before the coordinates. For example, if you want to teleport JohnDoe, you would type: /tpJohnDoe 70 70 70.

Just type /tpJohnDoe if all you want is to teleport yourself to him (or to any other player).

However, if you are not careful, you may teleport onto solid ground. This will cause your character to take heavy damage and die a few seconds later. You can avoid this by adding the word accurate to the end of your cheat. This will make the game check if there are any blocks at the location you’re warping to and cancel it if there are.

The following are some other quick teleport commands:

/tp @e[type=Demon] @s: Teleports every nearby demon directly to you. Replace the Demon placeholder with whatever mob you want. /tp ~ 62 ~: This keeps you in the same cardinal directions but moves you to sea level altitude. This trick works for every coordinate —replace any coordinate with a tilde if you want to stay on that same coordinate but change the others.

To teleport yourself to another mob: /tp @e[type=Demon] @s: Teleports you to another mob. Replace the Demon placeholder with whichever mob you want to teleport to.   To teleport to an entity: /tp @e[type=Entity] @s: Teleports you to an entity. Replace the Entity placeholder with whichever entity you want to teleport to.  To teleport to a set location:

Teleporting to The Nether and The End

To start a game in Minecraft: Java Edition, you first spawn in the Overworld, which is the dimension where you’ll spend most of your time. Then, you can use special items to teleport to the Nether, the End, or the Overworld. In order to teleport yourself to another dimension, you’ll combine the teleport cheat with a new command: “/execute.” To teleport yourself to another dimension, open the cha tbox and type: /execute in Dimension Name run tp Player Name.

Don’t be afraid to use the coordinates in the Overworld because The Nether and The End coordinates are much different from the coordinates in the Overworld. You can’t use the “true” command to teleport to them, so safe markdown coordinates first.

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