Kahrs Flooring Firm & Their Coloring Features

A new type of wood floor has been introduced by Kährs, a Swedish flooring manufacturer and distributor. Compared to vinyl floors, Kährs Life wood floors offer properties that are close to them. The new Kährs Life Collection combines the best of both worlds, combining the beauty of wood with the practical convenience of vinyl.

This is Kährs’s 160th year of producing wood products. Kährs is committed to quality and innovation, and for almost a century, it has delivered premium flooring that exceeds expectations Kahrs flooring Currently, there is a strong trend towards natural and sustainable wood floors as well as highly durable wood flooring.

Introduction of Kahrs Firm

Kährs has firmly established itself as a global market leader in the wood flooring industry. Our passion for wood is manifested in our wood floors’ outstanding design, high technical performance, and quality. Our commitment to the environment also illustrates it.

Kährs’ products are made from renewable raw materials, with a minimum of energy consumption and emission of CO2. This is why we can be proud that we are one of the first companies in the world to obtain the ENERGY STAR® label. Wood Flooring Wood flooring is the best way to combine modernity and comfort. Wood offers you many advantages.

Features A Wide Range of Kahrs Flooring Colours

There are many wood species, sizes, patterns, and finishes to choose from, providing endless variations and looks. No Kährs plank is the same. In addition, its knots and graining are unique, and each one is individually treated, based on its own unique composition and how we want to present it. As a result, the surface takes on different forms depending on the light and the angle from which it is viewed.

Flooring is available in a variety of colors and shades, from light to dark. A variety of staining techniques and surface treatments are used to achieve the right nuance.A wide range of surface treatments is also available to enhance and preserve the natural beauty of the wood. Our surface treatments are free of formaldehyde, solvents, and isocyanates. In addition, they facilitate easy cleaning.

No Kährs flooring is manufactured using FSC-certified wood. This means that it complies with the strictest environmental standards. Therefore, it is ecologically sound and has the lowest carbon footprint of any material in our industry. The manufacturing process for No Kährs flooring is the same as that used for our furniture. First, the wood is hand-selected and then milled into panels. The panels are then cut into the desired sizes and shapes. Finally, the panels are glued together and sanded, using a unique technique to give them a beautiful natural finish. The glue used is a high-quality, fast-drying, solvent-free adhesive.

Our adhesives are free of formaldehyde and solvents and do not contain any toxic substances. Our glue is also suitable for use on laminate flooring. No Kährs flooring is installed using an easy-to-use glue-lamination system. This process allows us to achieve maximum strength while maintaining the wood.

Stability 75% Better Than Solid Wood

Our patented construction provides 75% more stability than a traditional solid wood floor. Kährs floors are resistant to warping, buckling, and cracking throughout the year, regardless of the temperature and humidity. In addition, our wood floors are suitable for underfloor heating. Kährs introduced Woodloc in 2000, the first glue-free joint system in the world, revolutionizing the wood flooring industry. The ingenious joint system locks boards together mechanically, allowing the floor to remain gap-free throughout.

It is now one of the most common systems in use worldwide. Woodloc is suitable for all types of flooring, including parquet, engineered, laminate and veneer floors. Woodloc floors can be installed with any kind of substrate, including concrete, brick, stone, or tile. Woodloc is available in a wide range of colors and designs. Whether you want a classic look or something more contemporary, we have a style that will suit your needs. With the latest innovations, Woodloc® can now be installed in a previously impossible way. In addition,Woodloc® is compatible with underfloor heating systems so that you can create an underfloor heating system with no problems.


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