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As one of Surrey’s best insulation installers, InstaGroup provides high-quality products. We work in the areas around Guildford, Farnham and Woking.

Do you have an insulated property in Surrey that is up to today’s standards? Your home could lose approximately 25% of its heating1 through the loft or roof space without professional insulation. More leaks occur through uninsulated external walls – up to 45%2.

Home insulation with InstaGroup can keep you warmer at home, help you save energy and lower your heating bills.

Surrey Loft Insulation Installers:

Did you know that a quarter of heat is lost through a poorly insulated loft space in your home? Evergreen Power will make sure that your loft insulation is completed correctly and achieves Loft insulation Surrey the required U value for a properly insulated loft. We are an Icynene accredited, Green Deal and BBA approved loft insulation installer in Surrey and all over the UK. As a result of successfully completing numerous spray foam insulation projects for numerous domestic and commercial customers, Evergreen Power UK has become Surrey’s preferred loft insulation contractor.

Why Should You Hire Evergreen Power for Spray Foam Insulation in Surrey?

Evergreen Power has been active in Surrey, undertaking a wide range of jobs from houses, warehouses, and new builds to factories. With our spray foam insulation in Surrey, we specialize in breathable Icynene LD-C-50, which is suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

What makes our spray foam insulation different? Foam insulation is a superior insulator and air barrier at the same time. The foam expands 100x to form an airtight barrier, completely covering and sealing the surface, revolutionizing the way buildings are insulated in Surrey. Traditional insulation, such as fibreglass and cellulose, allow air to pass through and only slow down heat loss, while this air barrier prevents heat dissipation and eliminates mould and dampness.

Fit and forget is a revolutionary product that has taken the UK by storm, so if you live in Surrey and are looking for the best insulation available, simply click below and one of our surveyors will give you a Free no obligation quote valid for 12 months!

Loft Insulation In Surrey Can Help You Make Your Home More Energy Effective:

Our spray foam loft insulation in Surrey will make your home healthier, quieter, and more energy-efficient. Eco house Insulation creates an air-tight seal in floors, walls, and ceilings that is unmatched by any other type.

Cost-Effective Long-Term Solution to Prevent Roof Condensation:

Eco House Insulation offers one of the highest quality spray foam services in the industry. Start saving money right now to get more comfort, cleaner air, and a healthier environment! Here are some reasons why surrey loft insulation is more effective:

  • Prevents air and moisture from entering the roof.
  • Provides roof protection.
  • Maintain the same temperature in your attic.
  • Enhances the strength of your walls.

Action Surrey:

Action Surrey provides free, impartial energy advice in Surrey. Advice includes what energy efficiency improvements can be made to your property, how they work, and what the benefits might be.

A variety of measures can also be installed by Action Surrey’s local network of trusted installers.

Cavity Wall Insulation:

One third of the heat from a home is lost through the walls. Wrapping your house in insulation is the same as wrapping it in a thermal blanket.

Private renters and home owners can receive 100% grant funding. An empty cavity is required.

Loft Insulation:

The loft can be responsible for up to a quarter of all heat loss from a UK house. The correct depth of loft insulation is a simple, cost-effective and easy way to keep your home warm.

You can apply for up to 100% grant funding if you own your home or rent privately. A cavity must remain unfilled.

Boilers and Heating Systems:

By capturing the waste heat from the fuel gases, condensing boilers are more efficient than traditional boilers. By pre-heating the water, the boiler will require less gas to reach the desired temperature. The boiler will use less gas and emit fewer emissions.

Best Solar PV Panels:

With solar electricity, you can reduce your electricity bills, get paid for the electricity you generate, and reduce your carbon footprint.

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