Men’s T-Shirts

Men’s t-shirts are the ultimate staple of every man’s closet. They can be worn with different kinds of pants and shoes for casual attire.

The perfect fit is crucial, especially if you’re going for a flattering silhouette. Avoid a baggy style that accentuates love handles and hides biceps. The best tees will flatter your torso and feel great to the touch.

Plain T-Shirts

When it comes to men’s t-shirts, simplicity is key. A staple of wardrobes, a plain t-shirt can serve as a reliable base layer or chic stand-alone piece in the warmer months. Its timeless style has been embraced by fashion icons from classically cool James Dean to streetwear-chic Kim Kardashian.

A high-quality tee should feel soft and drape well against the body, which is why NYC-based Corridor offers this 100% organic cotton pocket tee that’s made in Portugal with serious care. Pair it with a loose lounge pajama or jeans for a chill vibe. The ribbed neck trim elevates the look ever so slightly.

Muscle T-Shirts

Muscle t-shirts are designed to flatter muscular physiques. They fit tightly from the athlete’s upper body down to their waist, with a tapered fit on their arms. They are a better option than slim fit shirts for muscular guys as they avoid a skin wrapped appearance or constrained feeling.

Besides fitting well, these shirts also have great functionality. They’re designed with moisture-wicking fabric, which helps to keep the wearer cool and dry during intense workouts. They also retain less odor than other t-shirts.

Their sleeves are designed with extra fabric to accommodate the arm muscles. This eliminates the need to size up a shirt a few times to get a good fit for your arms.

Pocket T-Shirts

The humble pocket t-shirt is one of the most versatile garments in men’s wardrobes. Plain or printed, crew or V-neck, it can be paired with jeans, shorts and lounge pajamas for a casual, comfortable look.

A pocket tee can also be dressed up for the office, with a pair of tailored pants and a blazer. You can choose from a variety of shirt styles, including Henleys, which are a mix of crew and V-neck designs.

Y-necks are another option, and are usually worn with long sleeves. They’re a bit thicker than a standard crew-neck, and are great for layering. NYC-based Corridor offers a sustainable, organic cotton tee with a y-neck that’s both handsome and soft.

Sleeveless T-Shirts

A sleeveless t-shirt, or a wife-beater as some bro’s call it, is a shirt that doesn’t have sleeves. It can either be manufactured without sleeves, or it can be made from a regular t-shirt by removing the arms.

Men with broad shoulders and muscular bodies can make the most of these body-hugging muscle fit tees. They are especially popular with gym lovers as they help them show off their toned muscles.

Cap sleeves are a funky twist on traditional t-shirts. They are half sleeves that extend a little distance from the shoulder to form a cap-like extension. This is a flattering style for most people.

Cap Sleeves

A cap sleeve is a short sleeve that extends slightly over the shoulder and tapering to nothing underneath it. This style of shirt is popular among women, especially as it can help to flatter a figure.

Check out this tee from NYC-based Corridor, a shirt made in Portugal with premium cotton and a ribbed neck trim that gives any casual outfit an extra-smart upgrade. Or try this bold logo tee from Burberry, made with odor-eliminating organic cotton jersey for an ultra-comfy fit.

Men’s graphic t-shirts range from hippy, trippy genres to animation references and brand representations. Find a floral pattern to flatter your shoulders or choose a dramatic dragon with Far East symbols to feel cultured.

Half Sleeves

Symbolizing adventure, travel, and a simpler life, nature-inspired half sleeves are popular because of the wide variety of possibilities. You can choose a tree, flower, or mountain scene to create a visually striking design that tells a story.

For men with slim builds, this casual t-shirt from Fresh Clean Threads is a great choice. Made with the brand’s StratuSoft poly-cotton fabric, it emphasizes your arms and shoulders without adding too much bulk.

Another young direct-to-consumer brand that we love is Sir Cadian, a sustainable sleep and loungewear label. Pair this t-shirt with the brand’s black joggers for a look that is both sharp and’s bamboo t-shirts

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