Online Stitch Store

Stitch Boutique is a fashion and lifestyle brand that sells clothing, accessories and shoes. They also offer a personalized styling service for women, men and kids.

Their stylists help customers find clothes that they love by analyzing their style preferences and using algorithms. They also provide customers with a style quiz so that they can better understand their personal taste and what styles they like.

Stitch by Stitch

The Stitch Store is a needlepoint shop featuring original works by the characters from Lilo & Stitch and its spin-offs. This is one of the most popular websites for Stitch fans to purchase their favorite character’s merchandise.

Despite his many destructive tendencies, Stitch is often sympathetic and has a childlike personality. His initial programming was designed to create chaos and pandemonium, but he learned to control his destructive impulses once Lilo adopted him.

He loves reading his favorite storybook, The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen. He also likes to play with frogs and sea turtles.

Stitch is the most physically capable of all Jumba’s experiments, and is often the only one who can defeat Gantu, 625, and Hamsterviel and rehabilitate them. He is also immune to some of the other experiments’ powers, but not to Angel’s siren song or Checkers’ hypnosis.


Anabella’s is a well rounded online stitching store with a finely crafted assortment of threads, tools, and fabric. Their prices are rock bottom and their speedy shipment of goodies means your latest project will arrive in no time at all!

They have an award winning selection of cross stitch patterns that include a number of awe inspiring designs. They also carry a large selection of cross stitch kits. They are also known for their top of the line embroidery tools and needles. In addition to the best of the rest they also offer a good selection of other craft supplies like knitting, crochet and quilting.

Feather & Stitch

Feather & Stitch is a women-owned online boutique with a focus on designer labels from Europe. The shop carries a variety of stylish everyday items including well cut jeans, luxurious knitwear and silk blouses.

Feathers and other decorative stitches are available in a wide range of threads for any kind of fabric. They can be used in smocking, ribbon embroidery, crazy quilting, and traditional surface and crewel embroidery.

The basic feather stitch, or briar or single coral (Figure 2), is a straight line of interconnected stitches that look like a series of ‘V’s. Variations include the closed feather stitch, single feather stitch, slanted or maidenhair stitch, chained feather stitch, and Spanish knotted stitch.

The straight feather stitch is useful for holding down flat ribbons, cords, or other threads or groups of threads to create unique embellishments. It is also a good choice for holding down large areas of lace. It is best worked on an evenweave fabric because the individual fabric threads can help keep the feather stitches aligned.


Up-Stitch is a great resource for anyone looking to recycle their old stash. The shop, which opened in May of 2017, takes donations of fabric, yarn, buttons and embroidery thread and resells it all at affordable prices.

The store also has a dedicated team of volunteers that sort and organize the materials, wash them and label them so they can be resold in the future. Their motto is to keep crafty materials out of the landfill and into the hands of those who will use them. Maggie Erlich and Megan Stasi are the brains behind this project. Their small but mighty team has saved over 6,000 pounds of crafting material from the landfills in their first 2 years of operation. You can donate to them online or by appointment. The best part is you’ll be helping out two local women who share your love of crafty things. Those are the ones who really deserve it.

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