Park Bunker Code in COD Warzone: What’s Inside it?

Call Of Duty Warzone has been one of the most prosperous games of the COD franchise. The makers have managed to draw in a number of players with their effective and intriguing in-game activities.

Warzone bunkers in COD is not an easy feat. Moreover, the map of Verdansk has a series of bunkers, however, it is no longer available due to inaccessibility of original map of Verdansk, where all the loot is stashed.

But in the new iteration of Call of Duty: Vanguard, the introduction of new bunkers based on World War 2 is treat to find.

Finding the bunkers is one of those activities, and players have been asking questions about it. Read more to learn about the bunker locations in Call Of Duty Warzone.

Park Bunker in COD Warzone

At the moment, Warzone players are asking a lot of questions about bunkers. After reading the questions, it appears that the park bunker is one of the most difficult bunkers to find. Participants have been asking things like, “where is the park bunker location in COD Warzone?” Well, we have chosen these questions and have answered them for you. Here is the location of the park bunker and the other bunkers in Warzone.

There is a total of 10 bunkers in the COD Warzone. The park bunker is found at the bottom of the map. Gamers need to get to the Southern part of the map. Reach the “park” on the map and then begin moving towards the south side of it. Once you reach the road that is located at the border of the map, begin following it. The road will take you to a stone structure where the park bunker has been located. Apart from the park bunker, here are all the further bunker locations in the COD warzone.

  • Bunker 1: Located near the dam. Search for the bunker near the dam by climbing the hill near the dam.
  • Take the western road to find the map in bunker 2. Mark looking on the left for a small stone building. The bunker is found inside the stone building.
  • Bunker 3: This bunker is just adjacent to the second bunker location. There are similar stone houses. Find two bunkers from each by inspecting them.
  • Bunker 4: Follow the Kart Track and keep looking to the left. Just like bunkers 2 and 3, you need to spot a small stone house. That will instruct you to bunker 4.
  • Bunker 5: Discovered in the Southern part of the map. Look for a rocky track at the end of the cliffs. The rocky path will guide you to bunker 5.
  • Binker 6: Get the “park” and move towards the border of the map. Try and look for a stone structure where the bunker 6 is located
  • Bunker 7: Begin walking towards the Northeast side of the Prison. Follow the moat and look for bunker 6 along the cliffside.
  • Bunker 8: Go to the Northeast side of the stadium. A small “construction site” will be spotted. Inspect the stone buildings for bunker 8.
  • Bunker 9: Check the stone houses near bunker 8. Bunker 9 should be in one of the houses just like the earlier one.
  • Bunker 10: Begin moving towards the east of the quarry. You might spot a blocked-off tunnel with train paths by the end of the map. Bunker 10 is located above it.

Stadium Bunker

The most coveted and final bunker on the map of Warzone, which is by the way hidden in the stadium of Verdansk, is the Stadium Bunker. To enter this stadium requires players to do the heavy lifting by going through a complex series of coding challenges with the help of numbers shown on the computers nearby. These codes are the key to opening the door to get inside the vault.

Initially, the blue key card is the first thing that will help the players to get in as the card holds the access code of the locked door of the stadium. These access codes are as follows:

  1. CL19 – 1st Level
  2. P216 – Parking Basement
  3. EL21 – 2ND Level

Now, the symbols which are encompassed in these rooms will show up on the screen of the computer. They are essential to decoding the codes which will help the players enter the bunker. In the bid to decode the codes, every symbol has a number that will correspond to it. As this deciphering will complete, it will open the vault via inputting the deciphered codes. In the vault, there are some mouth-watering loots. However, the codes are changed each time leaving the previous code redundant.

Park Bunker codes in COD

The bunker is found south of the Park point of interest at the southern end of the map. The entrance is located along the rock wall that’s next to the road that moves along the southern part of Verdansk.

Head to the keypad next to the bunker door and place the code 60274513. Enter inside, enjoy the loot that you find, and chase down that Warzone win.

  • Prison shack code: 72948531
  • Farmland code: 49285163
  • 3: South Junkyard: 97264138
  • North Junkyard: 87624851
  • Park – 60274513
  • TV Station – 27495810

What’s inside the Warzone bunkers?

At the time of writing, the Warzone bunkers don’t have anything that’ll set the world on fire, but they do have the usual stuff you’ll want while playing – chests, loose guns, money, ammo, equipment, and so on. It’s not any better than the regular gear pool, but there’s a reasonable amount of it to be found. Therefore, it might be worth checking out if you’re close and think it might be safe.

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