PS5 Themes – How to Download & Customized Theme

When you play video games, variety is the spice of life, and the home screen on your console becomes a crucial hub for switching between games. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to locate what you are looking for on a poorly designed screen. Therefore, the more you can customize it to your liking, the more it becomes a useful tool rather than an inconvenience.

Sadly, the PS5’s launch features don’t offer many customization options. On the other hand, the Xbox Series X offers far greater flexibility for organizing games and themes and other tweaks that the PS5 currently lacks. So on this front, the PS4 is even better.

As the PS5 platform matures, we may see new features such as organization and theme. At the moment, there are a few minor things you can do to make the home screen more usable. Here are all of them gathered in one place.

Download PS5 Themes

What are the steps for downloading themes on PS5? Learn how to change the theme on your PS5 in our comprehensive guide to changing themes today.

The Sony PlayStation 5 is the brightest, most powerful console Sony has ever built. So many different games and applications can be run on this computer due to its high refresh rates and 4K resolution.

However, for most new users, changing the PS5 theme will be their first stop. So, how does the PS5 user interface work, and what can be changed? Find out in this article.

The integrated funds in the games now seem to be an alternative to themes. The background will change depending on the game you highlight on the home screen. For example, on Snakooth Island, you can find ElizabertMegafig if you switch to Bugsnax. Of course, on Miles Morales’ suit is an image of Miles Morales. A soundtrack from the game will also be played.

Our upcoming step-by-step guide will show you how to change the PS5’s themes once Sony releases them.

does ps5 have themes
does ps5 have themes

Customized the PS5 Theme

Your Games Can Be Sorted and Filtered

The PS5 sorts your game library by “most recent,” so it’s very easy to get lost looking for a specific title in the library. To make finding a game easier, go to the Game Library screen, scroll left to the little arrow with the three lines and press X, and then press A to sort your library alphabetically or by purchase date. You can also filter your games by platform (PS3, PS4, and PS5. or by their source (bought on the PlayStation Store, redeemed through PlayStation Plus, or played through PlayStation Now). Unfortunately, this screen isn’t much better than the one on the PlayStation Vita.

You can only see your installed games, but at least it will remember your last sorting setting so that the next time you visit this screen, it’ll appear exactly as you left it. If you leave it and come back, it’ll still be set to Most Recent again. There’s also a search bar here, and you can also use the Home button to jump directly to the search field.

Modify the Control Panel

The Control Center is the primary dashboard for the PlayStation 5. You’ll access your notifications, friends, sound options, and more. If you find this menu cluttered with options, you’ll never use or want to enable some hidden ones, and you can customize it to your liking. Press the PS button on the PlayStation 5 to access the Control Center. You’ll see a list of all the shortcuts that can live here. In addition, you can change some of the categories that are automatically generated.

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