Risk of Rain 2 Characters – How to Unlock All Characters

Risk of Rain 2 Characters: Risk of Rain 2 is a near-perfect 3D translation of the 2D side-scrolled it’s based on, and it’s a fun and interesting third-person shooter besides. As we said earlier, even in Early Access, it’s well worth your time, mostly if you can play it with friends.

It also gets exponentially more enjoyment as you earn new characters to play with. But making all of them isn’t a simple task, so I’ve put together a guide to all of Risk of Rain 2’s character unlocks.

risk of rain 2 unlock characters
risk of rain 2 unlock characters

How to Unlock Risk of Rain 2 Characters 

The Commando

The Commando is the unlocked character by default, which means everyone has to play him at least a bit to unlock other survivors. He’s an all-rounded character that wields dual pistols and can roll to avoid incoming damage.

He’s a jack-of-all-trades but, sadly, a master of none. All the other courses heavily outperform this class, and he doesn’t shine in any aspect of the game. Many players find his gameplay monotonous and repetitive, considering none of his abilities are ordinary.

9The Mercenary

This class is the most fun to play overall. Who doesn’t want to be a samurai that jumps around slicing his enemies in half? Sadly, The Mercenary’s ability kit is not very useful and somewhat lackluster.

He has excellent damage and mobility but lacks the health necessary to make up for being a melee attacker. Certain items can make this character insanely strong, but they are very situational and struggle to find within the real game. Playing as The Mercenary will ensure a good time, but you need a lot of skill to finish a run with him successfully.


Acrid is a pestilent beast from the Void Fields. He is very complicated to unlock, and you have to have some level of game knowledge to complete the tasks required to play as this monster.

You must travel to the Void Fields through the Bazaar between Time and activate nine different Void Cells. Despite being hard to get, Acrid isn’t particularly significant. His poison is excellent for melting bosses, but since it can’t be lethal, he struggles against the weakest enemies.


This little plant guy is somewhat hard to get, but it might not be that much trouble in Drizzle’s difficulty. He has the best Damage per Second our of all the characters, but the skill required to play him properly is too high to make it worth it.

To unlock him, you must grab the Fuel Array from the starting capsule and bring it to Rex in the Abyssal Depths. His significant damage may make him feel promising at first, but it is challenging to stay alive in the long run when so many things are hitting you at the same time.

6The Captain

Not much is known about The Captain. He is the latest survivor added to the game and is unlocked by killing the final boss and beating the game on any difficulty. His kit is very different from all the other survivors, and many players find it confusing to start playing like him.

His abilities are situational and have strange uses you won’t find in regular play. His superior is limited to two services per stage, and his normal attack is so slow he will struggle against fast-moving enemies.

5The Artificer

The Artificer fits the role of a mage; she shoots powerful beams of fire that destroy her enemies while also freezing her way onto the most challenging stages. She isn’t particularly hard to get; you need to get ten Lunar Coins into the Bazaar between Time and the Newt will free her.

Not everything is a strength for this powerful sorcerer, however. Her cooldown times are massive, and her mobility is minimal. A skilled player will make her shine on the battlefield, but most won’t get past the second Teleporter.

4The Loader

This lady has been outfitted with robot arms that pack a colossal punch. She’s mobile, tanky, and can decimate bosses more efficiently than anyone else in the game. Her kit allows her to be versatile but, at the same time, be focused on what she does best; dealing pure and unadulterated damage.

Unfortunately, there is one glaring weakness that all melee survivors share: flying enemies. The Loader is no exception; they have to spend their abilities to get rid of one or two wisps, but the screen will already be flooded with twelve more.

3The Huntress

A returning survivor from the original Risk of Rain, The Huntress, is the staple damage dealer of both games. She has a bow that fires homing arrows and a dash that teleports her away from all trouble.

Her utility and secondary skills also deal very decent AoE damage to get her out of trouble. However, it is essential to know that The Huntress is the character with the least base HP stat in the game. This means that she can easily get overwhelmed if enemies are allowed to rack up.


This funky little robot man is the most versatile survivor in the game and has way more pros than cons. He has a lot of potential for damage and can quickly traverse the world (an absolute benefit in a game in which the difficulty is always rising).

MUL-T also has the highest health and attack rate, making him one of the overall best. His nail gun can switch between quick-fire mode and single-shot mode, which serve as a machine gun and a sniper.

1The Engineer

The Engineer is the best class in the game overall. It has excellent damage and durability, can melt bosses, and can also have incredible sustain if equipped with some Bustling Fungus. His sentry turrets can damage foes without the player having to aim or focus on them, and they also proc any items The Engineer has, such as the previously mentioned mushroom.

All in all, Engineer is absolutely the best class for Solo play, with its only con being that it has low mobility. Its excellent DPS makes it unique for boss busting, and its utility makes him able to survive even the most challenging fights.

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