Septum Rings – Everything You Need to Know About Piercing

Following a year of staying inside and watching our make-up bags gather dust, we’ve finally decided to go out again, and the first thing we plan to do is visit beauty salons again. The time has never been better to do something frivolous and fun that’s all about self-expression. Pierces are a perfect example. Especially septum piercings.

Octopus piercings are the hottest thing in nose piercings in 2021. Instead of the old-school steel hoops that look more grunge than stylish, the latest septum piercing style is simple, understated, and totally chic. Those who doubt us need only look at Zoe Kravitz.

Introduction of Septum Piercing

A septum piercing is definitely a bolder look than the more traditional nose piercing, which sits on the side of the nose. “A septum piercing is a piercing that goes through septum rings the bottom part of your nose between your nares, says jeweler Laura Bond. The ring is mostly pierced with a hoop or horseshoe-shaped ring.

How Should You Prepare for A Septum Piercing?

You should always do your research and seek advice before getting pierced. Bond recommends choosing a reputable piercer. ‘Your piercer should spend time explaining what you can expect as well as what type of jewelry you want to wear after the piercing has healed. As you would with any piercing, you should take care of it, especially while it heals. When applying or removing makeup, be careful not to knock it.

I am also open to less practical, more encouraging advice. Everyone looks amazing with septum piercings, says Sacred Gold piercer, Gemma Thomson. ‘With this piercing, you can explore lots of different options; you can wear it as a full ring or switch to a circular barbell and hide it if you have a job that doesn’t permit piercings or if you are in a situation where you would like to hide the piercing. You can express yourself more freely this way!

What Is the Pain Level Of A Septum Piercing?

Let’s start by saying that all piercings hurt. You’re going to hurt when you pierce a hole in yourself, that’s just a fact of life. Unfortunately, septum piercings don’t cause a great deal of pain. Thomson points out that septum piercings are one of the least painful piercings on the body.

In a septum piercing performed by a qualified piercer, the piercing will be in a very thin, soft area of skin that is thinner than the ear lobe, and the cartilage in the nose will be missed (this is usually called “the sweet spot”). In most cases, this is located at the front of the nostrils, although it varies from client to client! It is normal for a single tear to fall – this is not because of pain, but it is a reaction to any nostril piercing.

When Does a Septum Piercing Heal?

Leaving a piercing alone for as long as possible is the key to a successful piercing! Eventually, we get bored with the plain steel jewellery we got pierced with and want to try something a little more Maria Tash. Everybody’s healing times for piercings vary, but on average a septum piercing should fully heal within six months, advises Bond.

If you want to change your jewellery after two to three months, you should always check with your piercer to make sure it’s safe to do so. The process of healing can be slowed by changing your jewellery too quickly.

How Should a Septum Piercing Be Aftercare For?

This is important for any piercing. It may be boring, but avoiding infection is more fun than having to remove the piercing completely. ‘For most piercings, we recommend a sterile saline solution and sterilized nonwoven gauze, using these to gently clean the piercing of any crust or dirt,’ advises Thomson. Until the piercing has fully healed, lightly clean the jewelry without rotating it, usually once to twice a day.

When Should You Not Get a Septum Piercing?

Taking care and consideration when it comes to piercings goes a long way. You shouldn’t jump into the nearest pool when you have piercings. Bond says he would avoid swimming and getting the piercing wet for at least 24 hours. You should dry your piercing thoroughly after cleaning it or taking a shower. You can use a paper towel or the cool setting on your hairdryer to solve the problem.

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