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If you’re looking for clothes that are high quality but affordable, consider stores like House of CB. They offer clothing that is made from high quality materials and target affluent men and women with reasonable incomes stores like house of cb┬áThe brands are popular among the fashion conscious, but they are also affordable enough for people who don’t want to spend too much.


If you’re looking for a boutique brand with great quality, then you’ll want to check out stores like House of CB. This UK-based clothing line is known for its elevated party dresses and tailored evening wear. The brand focuses on creating clothing that makes women feel sexy, fierce, and amazing. Just like other boutique labels, House of CB has a wide selection of affordable clothing options, too.

The site offers clothing for women in sizes ranging from small to large. Many of its pieces are made with a focus on the latest fashion trends. It also stocks shoes and accessories. The site has a minimal design with clear images and no serifs. It offers mid-range clothing and accessories from higher-end brands.

Club L is another UK-based brand that sells similar clothing to House of CB. Many of its pieces are on sale and can be purchased for under $100. Depending on the size, shipping can be as low as $15 to $20 to the USA. Oh Polly also offers free shipping on orders over $130.


You can find a wide variety of trendy clothes at Cosonsen, an online clothing retailer similar to House of CB. They have the same designs as their counterpart, but for a much lower price. While the brand is relatively new, it has already opened multiple stores throughout the UK and has a strong social media presence. This has led to the brand gaining recognition internationally.

Cosonsen stores like House of CB use quality materials to produce their clothes. Their clothing is priced reasonably and they target both middle-class and high-earning men. This makes them a great option for both high-end and affordable clothing. The online store is easy to use and navigate.

For the plus-size woman, finding a great outfit can be a challenge. Modegal, for instance, offers sizes up to 3XL, which makes it easier to find a dress that fits your curves. The brand is also known for its body-hugging dresses inspired by celebrity fashions.

House of CB also offers designer party dresses. They are renowned for their sexy, affordable clothes that hug curves in the right places. Their prices are competitive, and the dresses can start at $150. The brand also offers designer shoes and accessories.

Naked Wardrobe

If you’re looking for clothes that don’t break the bank, check out House of CB. This popular British clothing brand has an array of trendy items for women at affordable prices. Founded by three sisters from Los Angeles, the brand’s goal is to cater to millennial women with affordable fashion choices. Whether you’re shopping for a wedding gown or a casual summer dress, House of CB has everything you need.

The brand is known for its affordable clothing and funky designs. The line started out as a shoe boutique but has expanded to include creative clothing. It offers sizes from one to three and implements the latest runway trends. It also offers free shipping on purchases over $75. Aside from clothes, the website also sells accessories and swimwear, so you can look your best all-year round.

The online store has a cute layout that is similar to Pretty Little Thing’s. They sell trendy dresses and jeans at affordable prices. The brand’s website is based in London, but has been around for a while.

Naked Wardrobe is a fantastic alternative to House of CB, with most styles costing between $35 and 80 dollars. Their clothing is fashion-forward and available in limited quantities, making them an ideal choice for those who want to buy more clothes at a lower price point. While the company sells mainly dresses, they also sell many other styles.


House of CB is a clothing store with a huge selection. The company focuses on young female adults, offering trendy, affordable clothing. The brand is known for bodycon dresses and ultra-luxe athleisure. Founded in May 2010, the company has several stores in the UK and an active social media presence. It has quickly gained international recognition.

Its catalog is expansive, and it offers affordable items that also have high-end appeal. The sizing options are diverse, with petite and tall sizing options. The company also offers a special occasion line, and ships to over 100 countries. The company is committed to doing its part to support local communities and the environment.

House of CB is a clothing brand that was founded in 2010 by Conna Walker. It’s a great place to find party dresses and tailored evening wear.

Another store like House of CB is Meshki, which focuses on figure-hugging dresses and affordable luxury. The brand has an extensive catalog and is often a favorite among club goers. The prices range from twenty-five to three hundred dollars.


A good ChicMe store will offer affordable clothing for women, with a wide variety of styles and sizes. The site is user-friendly, and its products are divided into categories. This makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Shoppers should be able to find clothes in sizes six to 28. ChicMe stores like House of CB are great for those who want trendy clothes without spending a fortune.

Another great store is Showpo, which was started in Australia in 2010. This fast fashion retailer offers trendy pieces at affordable prices. It also offers plus-size clothing. Plus-size women will love this store’s designs, which are both modern and affordable. Whether you’re looking for a dress or a pair of shoes, you can find something to match.

The brand also offers affordable dress prices and free shipping on orders of over $100. There’s a 10% student discount on orders, too. Meshki, an Australian brand, also has a wide range of clothing at affordable prices.


While Shein stores like house of CB have recently become famous for their cheap clothing, the company’s ethics have caused some controversy. It has been accused of copyright infringement and is currently facing lawsuits from the maker of Dr Martens boots. Moreover, its products use materials like polyester, which don’t biodegrade like natural materials.

The business model behind Shein is to produce small batches of clothing and respond to viral demand. It has cultivated an online presence that targets trend conscious shoppers on social media. The site also claims to produce very little waste as it uses fewer resources and uses less toxic printing technology. A spokesperson for the company said that its business model combines consumer needs with sustainability.

Another store similar to Shein is RoseGal. The website is similar to Shein’s and includes a mobile application to make shopping easier. The selection of clothing is slightly more trendy and sexy than Shein’s, but both are a great option for those looking for affordable trendy clothing without spending a fortune. Both sites have a wide selection of products and a simple shipping policy.

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