Smokeless Tobacco in Thailand

In a year, about five percent of Swedish citizens travel to Thailand. But, despite its popularity in Scandinavia, smokeless tobacco is virtually unknown in Southeast Asia. Customs officers often confiscate and discard snus when it’s spotted in travelers’ backpacks.

thailand snus is usually made with ground tobacco, salt, water, and an alkalizing agent. Today, this is typically sodium carbonate.

Local snusmarken

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Despite its ubiquity in Scandinavia, smokeless tobacco is virtually unknown in Southeast Asia. Customs officers routinely confiscate snus brought into the country by travelers. But a cottage industry on both sides of the Thai-Laos border has set out to change that, with no delusions that locals will embrace the Western habit.

Tobacco grown in Thailand

Despite its popularity in Scandinavia and the southern United States, smokeless tobacco is virtually unknown in Southeast Asia. Customs officers in Bangkok, the region’s main entry point, typically regard it as contraband if it is found in travelers’ backpacks and are likely to confiscate and discard it. However, two Swedes on both sides of the Thai-Laos border have recently launched cottage industries in a bid to introduce snus to the region.

The year 2000 has seen a significant escalation of tobacco advertising and promotion in Thailand. This is due to the emergence of retailers incentive schemes and product discounting by transnational tobacco companies. These schemes have led to the re-emergence of tobacco as a major political battleground in Thailand.


Snus is legal to bring with you on flights into Thailand, provided that it is in your carry-on luggage. However, it’s not recommended to pack more than 250 gram per person, as customs may confiscate your stash if you do so. You can also buy snus in special Swedish bars in larger tourist destinations like Phuket and Pattaya.

The snus market is booming as more and more people choose smokeless tobacco. The health risks associated with snus are significantly lower than those of smoking cigarettes, and recent research has proven that it’s an effective tool for quitting smoking.

Snus is a Scandinavian product with an incredible history and tradition. It was first introduced in the early 18th century and is still popular today. It is made from finely ground tobacco that is mixed with salt and an alkalizing agent, such as sodium carbonate. Snus is sold in tins and boxes and is typically placed under the upper lip, where it releases nicotine and flavour without the need for spitting.

Viking snus

In Norway, people are emulating their Viking forefathers. Instead of smoking, they are using snus, an oral smokeless tobacco product that is placed behind the upper lip in loose form or in portioned sachets. This has transformed Norwegian health and is responsible for the country’s lower smoking rates than any in Europe.

According to Johan Badenhorst, a trader at the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok, it is legal to bring up to 250 grams of snus into Thailand. However, it must be declared on arrival. In addition, the snus must be sealed in a container and accompanied by a letter from a medical doctor stating that it is not dangerous.

The tobacco used in snus is grown organically in Laos without pesticides and is processed at a local factory. The tobacco is mixed with salt, spring water and an alkalizing agent, which is usually sodium carbonate. It is also infused with natural flavors. The result is a smooth and flavorful snus that is reminiscent of chocolate.

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