How to Access Steam Screenshot Folder

Whether you simply need to seize a lovely scene from one of the year’s first-rate PC games or you’re looking to troubleshoot a hassle you’re experiencing even as playing, taking a screenshot the usage of Steam’s integrated shortcut key makes the technique rather simple — locating wherein that screenshot became stored but isn’t as intuitive.

Don’t fear though, we’re right here to reveal you a way to discover Steam’s screenshot folder, whether or not thru the patron itself or without delay the usage of your document gadget.

In any steam sport, you could click on a hotkey (default is F12) to snap a screenshot of the present day in-sport screen. You can put up this screenshot on your Steam profile or add it on different social media forums. However, occasionally you can face the hassle of being not able to find the snap shots taken. There are approaches you could get right of entry to those snap shots; one is to get right of entry to them through the screenshot supervisor in steam and the opposite is to get right of entry to them thru tough power storage.

Screenshot Steam Folder
Screenshot Steam Folder

How to discover Steam’s screenshot folder the usage of the Steam patron

The simplest manner to discover Steam’s screenshot folder is thru Steam itself. In the menu bar, click on on “View” and select “Screenshots” from the drop-down menu. If you’ve got got taken any screenshots, they’ll be proven right here wherein you’ll have a few alternatives approximately what to do with them.

While exciting in itself, what we’re searching out is the button down at the lowest that says “Show On Disk.” Clicking to be able to open up your gadget’s document explorer within side the listing wherein that particular screenshot is stored.

If for some thing motive you couldn’t get right of entry to the Steam patron and also you want to discover the photograph document Steam stored for your gadget, it’s going to range relying on which gadget you use.

Steam Default Screenshot Folder
Steam Default Screenshot Folder

How to discover Steam’s screenshot folder the usage of your computer’s document gadget

The first region to begin is through going to Steam’s set up listing:

On Windows eight and Windows 10, the default is C: Program Files (x86)Steam.

On a Mac, the default is Users//Library/Application Support/Steam, with username being the Mac username, now no longer the Steam username.

On a Linux gadget, the default is ~/.local/share/Steam.

If you’ve got established Steam someplace else, you will want to navigate to the Steam folder anywhere you established it. Once you’ve observed Steam’s set up listing, do the subsequent to discover the screenshot you’re searching out.

  1. Navigate to the “userdata” listing. Depending on what number of bills you’ve got got installation on your Steam patron, you may see one or greater folders with more than a few in region of its name. That is the person ID variety for the exceptional bills. In the overpowering majority of cases, there’ll probably simply be one folder, however when you have a couple of users, it would take a bit little bit of probing and backtracking to discover the folder assigned for your account.
  2. Navigate to and open your person folder and search for the folder labeled “760.” Open that folder and open the folder internal labeled “remote.”
  3. Now comes the actual problematic part: Just as each person has an ID, so does each sport. If you’ve got got a massive library of games, clicking thru every numbered folder isn’t always going to be an green manner to discover your screenshot. An less complicated manner is to head to this website and look for the sport you’re searching out. You can seek through both sport identity dentification or through the name of the sport.
  4. Once you already know your sport’s ID, navigate to that folder and open it. Navigate to the folder labeled “screenshots” and your screenshot might be on this folder.

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