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Self-employed people often have the highest levels of job security in today’s economy. The benefits of entrepreneurship include freedom, independence, and financial prosperity. Think of creating your own source of income with unlimited potential! It is possible to establish a significant new home-based business that can be part-time or full-time and develop into a brick-and-mortar business. When you own a tax prep business, you always have a choice.

Benefits of starting a tax business

  • As an experienced professional, you can earn up to $100/hour
  • Reduce your tax liability
  • Your skills will make you more marketable.
  • Work three months of the year and make a high income
  • Have your summers and holidays free
  • Feel more secure – you control your future.
  • Start at home with minimal expenses.

It’s easier and less expensive than you think!

  • MINIMAL start-up costs
  • Get your tax business started quickly.
  • No franchise fees or royalties
  • No accounting background or degree is required.
  • You will learn everything you need to know and do it faster than you think!
  • We offer tax manuals on tax preparation marketing, personnel, and expansion to make your life easier.

Huge growth potential

Millions of Americans hire tax professionals each year to prepare and file their tax returns, and Congress continues to amend the tax code. As a result of these changes, taxpayers are more confused and frustrated than ever, and they are seeking professional advice.

As the number of taxpayers grows, so does the need for qualified tax return preparers. In light of current changes in the U.S. economy, it is more important than ever for taxpayers to claim all the credits and deductions they are entitled to and pay no more than the exact amount of taxes due. With your own tax business, you will be able to meet this growing demand and enjoy the flexibility and security you deserve.

Better than a franchise

Here are some reasons why starting your own tax preparation business makes more sense than buying a franchise. Having your tax business means:

  • AVOID costly start-up fees
  • AVOID royalty payments
  • AVOID issues with financing assistance
  • AVOID geographic restrictions
  • AVOID problems with franchisor legal recourse should something go wrong
  • You get to do things your way thanks to CREATIVE CONTROL
  • Do you know what you’ll be doing years from now without a contract?
  • There will be no problems with insufficient franchise support
  • REASONABLE COSTS for supplies—no franchisor mark-ups
  • FREEDOM from restrictive non-compete agreements if you decide to leave the franchise
  • AVOID advertising fees that might not help your franchise
  • Ensure that you do not lose your business due to a franchise termination that is unreasonable

Tax preparation is an excellent business for you!

Many types of people can start a home-based business by preparing taxes. You could be a good match if you enjoy working with people and computers.

Stay-at-home parents and early retirees find this to be an excellent complement to their lives. You can still have your holidays and summers free to spend with the kids and grandkids, as well as travel.

Former military personnel looking for a second career can establish a business that allows them to work for as long as they want.

Military spouses are looking for a portable career that you can take and grow regardless of where you are.

Financial services professionals can offer their clients more value by offering tax preparation services.

Additional revenue stream

In light of recent economic changes, many people are looking for additional income streams to maintain their lifestyles. If you run a tax business from home, you can supplement your income, pay the bills, save for retirement, and more.

Income tax preparation services can be offered as a stand-alone business or as a complementary business to another business you already operate

  • Financial services
  • Insurance
  • Accounting or bookkeeping

Having one person handle their finances will be appreciated by your clients.

You can also get into a tax preparation business if you work in another seasonal field – but at a different time of the year – such as

  • Retail
  • Real estate
  • Lawn care
  • travel

With a tax preparation business, you can earn a steady income throughout the year.

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