The Advantages of a Plastic Shredder Machine

A plastic shredder machine is a vital part of recycling and production processes. They help reduce and recycle raw materials for other products like storage containers, toys, and packaging bags.

While some people attempt to shred plastic by putting it through a wood chipper, this is dangerous and not recommended. Specialized product destruction shredding machines are much safer and more effective.

Size Reduction

A plastic shredder machine is a device used to reduce the size of waste materials. It is also referred to as a grinder, granulator or chipper. These devices are commonly used in recycling plants, pharmaceutical companies and manufacturing units. They have many advantages, including low noise, low energy consumption and consistent shred size.

The size reduction capability of these machines is important because it allows businesses to save on waste disposal costs, especially when they are charged by volume. It is also helpful in minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to business information, as the shredded material becomes unusable.

The specialized hooks on the blades grab and shred the plastic to produce a consistent, manageable size. This is a much safer alternative to putting non-wood items, such as plastic, into wood chippers. Wood chippers can cause shards of plastic to fly off during the processing, potentially causing injuries or damage to the machine. In addition, the blades on a wood chipper are often too large for plastic, which may jam or cause the machine to break down.


When used to destroy important business documents, CDs and floppies that contain confidential details, plastic shredder machines help maintain privacy. By recycling and repurposing the waste, they also help reduce the carbon footprint and save the environment.

Industrial shredders also generate revenue by generating products and raw materials that can be reincorporated into manufacturing processes or sold directly. For example, lumber and building materials companies often utilize shredded wood to make particle board.

Single-shaft grinders feature square knives bolted securely onto a large, closed rotor in a staggered array. They operate at slower speeds than granulators, and the blades are designed to cut shearing material into small, consistent particles. This allows a higher volume of material to be processed per hour. For a high-speed, high-volume production, the blades are usually made from hardened tool steel or carburizing steel with annealed alloys for enduring performance.


Even though many of the safety benefits are built into the technology by design, plant owners/operators also have an important part to play. This is because a shredder that has been poorly maintained or operated can be dangerous.

For instance, it is a good idea to test the emergency stop buttons on a plastic shredder machine before using it for the first time to make sure they work as intended. Additionally, it is essential to keep the screens and shearing surfaces of the machine clean and lubricated for optimal performance.

Another way that a shredder can be made safer is by incorporating foreign object detection systems, which prevent the machine from operating should it be tripped up by unshreddable material. In addition, if the system detects that there is an issue, it can automatically eject the offending matter to ensure the safety of personnel working on the machine. This is especially beneficial when dealing with infectious waste that has failed disinfection.

Environmental Impact

Plastic shredder machines can reduce waste material that would otherwise end up in landfills and pollute the environment. It is also possible to recycle some of this material for use in other products. This can help to cut down on the amount of raw materials that need to be imported into countries.

A typical industrial plastic shredder machine consists of a cylinder that has laser-cut steel blades. These are set into a matrix that is driven by a 10 Hp electric motor. These blades work together to cut up the large amount of waste plastic that is thrown into the machine.

Plastic shredding is a popular method of producing recycled materials and creating revenue from unused raw plastic material. The shredded material can be used to make new plastic bottles and tires, as well as other products made from plastics. This can help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and the food chain.

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