The Best Solar Generator Kits 2022 – What You Need to Consider

Compared to what it used to look like; camping has changed a bit. The trend of Overlanding and Glamping in recent years suggests many people would prefer to take some comforts from homes with them, such as a portable fridge, lights, or a laptop for working remotely.

In recent years, lithium battery technology has made it much easier and safer to keep all of those gadgets charged best solar generator kits 2022 It’s no longer necessary to use noisy, smelly diesel generators to power RVs and mobile offices (very handy if you’re at a campsite with quiet hours). Since their introduction to the market several years ago, solar-powered generators have declined in both price and weight, while increasing their charging capacity.

You can think of them as a supersized power bank you likely already carry to charge your phone while on the road, except these often include built-in inverters and standard 120v outlets so you can easily plug in an electric cooler or portable washing machine even if you’re at a dispersed campsite with no amenities.

How We Selected the Best Solar Generator

I am a long-time outdoorsman, camper, and Overlanding enthusiast who has reviewed camping and Overlanding equipment for Outside, Gaia GPS, Popular Mechanics, and other publications. Throughout my life, I have camped in the bed of my truck, rooftop tents, travel trailers, and just about every type of tent imaginable. For Outside, I’ve tested a number of portable power stations and installed a solar charging system in my off-road teardrop trailer. My selection was influenced by the charging capacity, price, and weight of the units, as well as my experience with solar-powered generators. In addition to getting great reviews from sites like Wire cutter and Business Insider, I ensured that all of my choices had four or more stars on Amazon.

What You Need to Consider Before Buying Solar Generator Kits

Here are some importing points that you need to know about the solar generator before buying for 2022 year.

  • Your Electricity Needs

If you want to compare portable power stations for camping, you’ll need to determine exactly what you’ll need to power while you’re away from the grid. A couple of recharging of your phone and camera will require less power than running a portable fridge or powering a camper. Make a list of everything you would like to use and try to determine the power draw of each item. In the specs section of the power station manufacturer’s website, they usually estimate the number of times you’ll be able to charge various devices.

  • Capacity

If you’re looking for a solar-powered generator, its capacity is the most important factor. In general, you should consider generators with a minimum capacity of around 40 amp-hours, or 500 watt-hours, which has enough power for most people for a weekend of camping. It’s best to buy a solar-powered generator that has a larger capacity than you think you’ll need, and a larger solar panel so it can be recharged quickly. I recommend that you look for a solar-powered generator with a capacity of at least 100 amp-hours and pair it with 200 watts of solar panels if you plan to power a camper or use it as a backup power source at home during a blackout.

  • Price

A solar generator’s price will vary depending on its capacity, but you’ll also need to budget for a solar panel, which isn’t usually included with the generator.

  • Weight and size

Solar generators use lithium-ion batteries because they are lighter and smaller than deep-cycle batteries, so most are lightweight and portable. They’ll still weigh at least 10 pounds, and if they’re full, they can be quite heavy. When you use a small vehicle or camper and have limited space, or if you don’t want to lug around a really heavy generator, it may make sense to opt for a less capacity charger.

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