Top 8 Wellness Hotel – That Help You Feel Like Your Best Self

While you’re away, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are more and more hotels and resorts that are making wellness a priority and offering amenities that will leave you feeling refreshed instead of jet-lagged. These retreats help you relax and unwind when you’re on vacation, whether it’s through getting active, meditation, eating organic, or trying new spa treatments. Check out our list of the best wellness-oriented getaways both in the U.S. and abroad to get your getaway juices flowing.

Top 7 best Wellness hotels

Here are the top 8 best wellness hotels. If you visit there then make sure it will help you feel like best for yourself.

  1. Spice Island Beach Resort

Spice Island Beach Resort in Grenada offers a slower, more mindful pace. On its ever-changing menu, the family-owned property serves local food and accommodates dietary restrictions for all guests! Outdoor activities abound – hiking, tennis, snorkelling, and an on-site spa that uses native herbs and spices. Afternoon tea featuring therapeutic varieties is another highlight.

  1. Hyatt

The on-site amenities vary depending on the Hyatt property you’re staying at around the world, but one beneficial element that is consistent is the fact that World of Hyatt members has access to over 50 fitness, mindfulness, and meditation videos, both in their hotel room and upon return to their homes.

  1. Järvisydän Resort

The family-owned Järvisydän Resort is the perfect place to recharge. Accommodations range from lodge rooms to glass-roofed huts with breathtaking views of the northern lights, but the resort’s Lake Spa offers five types of saunas, four indoor pools, and two outdoor pools. Finish your stay with a massage, yoga class, fat bike tour, stand-up paddleboarding session, or seal-watching cruise.

  1. EVEN Hotels by IHG

It has been established that EVEN Hotels by IHG take a health-forward approach to all their properties, which is why each room includes free on-demand streaming fitness classes, in addition to all the gear you need to complete them. In case of resistance bands, exercise balls, and yoga mats in your room aren’t enough, there is also a gym available. The on-site restaurant offers a variety of healthy variations of your favourite dishes so you can refuel before or after your sweat session.

  1. The James New York — NoMad

You’ll experience physical, mental, and spiritual wellness at The James New York NoMad in New York City when you book a stay at this luxury hotel. Try your hand at an in-room TV workout designed by Michael Olajide Jr., who trained Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima. You can get a personalized reading of your birth chart, coaching, and hypnotherapy from our room service menu. schwarzwald wellnesshotel Guru Jagat, a celebrity yoga instructor, also offers in-room yoga classes.

  1. Sheraton New York Times Square

The Times Square Sheraton in New York City boasts full-time certified trainers and nutritionists on the fitness level. Take advantage of their expertise when you’re planning a run through Central Park, a trip on the property’s Peloton bikes, or where (and what) to have for dinner after a sweat session.

  1. Santa Monica Proper Hotel

The Santa Monica Proper Hotel in Santa Monica, California, recently teamed up with the guru of Ayurvedic medicine Martha Soffer to offer traditional Ayurvedic treatments and programs. There are many things that you can do to help your skin: steam and oil treatments, massage, yoga, meditation, and even cooking.

  1. Aliz Hotel Times Square

There is a cycling studio in the Liz Hotel Times Square in New York City, as well as farm-to-table foods and bath products that are entirely made from natural ingredients (no parabens here).

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