which Pokemon character is best

Ever have the problem of which Pokemon character to purchase for your child for a gift? Its really challenging to choose which one out of the hundreds  or so characters that your kid or daughter will like.

Probably the most identifiable Pokemon character is Pikachu. It has a yellow tail with black markings and is the most well known character. It has been in every motion picture, program and game. This is the one most grownups think about when they find out about the Pokemon brand.

Is this the character you should purchase? Some of the older characters are normally a great bet as they have stayed popular for a long time.

Bulbasaur is type of a dinosaur looking character that brings what looks like an onion on its back. This is a turf type, and is one of the very first to be seen in the program, that makes it another favorite.

Another older favorite of kids is Squirtle. This water type looks like a turtle, and is blue in color with a tail that looks like a squirrel, for this reason the name Squirle. The main character, Ash has one that often is seen using sunglasses.

The fire type, Charmander, looks like a small red dragon with a golden stomach. The tail includes a flame on the pointer, and it is more popular with young boys then with ladies.

Naturally the newer Pokemon plush toys are constantly good too. Lots of characters like Shaymin, Darkrai, Latias, Latios and other new characters are pretty safe to get as presents as most children will like them.

Pokemon toys  & Pokemon Spielzeug come in numerous ranges and you can discover the perfect one for them that they will want to play with. A starter Pokemon is an excellent method to give them something you can be sure they will like.

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