Your Wellness Hotel In The Schwarzwald

Guests of the Hotel Alpenblick can relax in the modern, sun-filled SPA. Wellness means more to us than simply a trendy fashion trend in our Black Forest wellness hotel. With us, wellness is an integral part of personal awareness and includes nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and positive thoughts.

Experience truly Black Forest wellness here: with soothing heat from the saunas, a relaxing bath in the stainless steel brine pool, or a soothing time in the salt room. The Bio- und Wellnesshotel Alpenblick combines 4-star luxury with high-quality wellness treatments.

We invite you to relax and enjoy our wellness treatments at Alpenblick. We offer a wide selection of massages, baths, packs, peelings, and cosmetic treatments. When you make a booking, specify which wellness treatment you wish to experience.

We combine regional products with naturalness, holistic principles, and good tolerance in our Black Forest wellness hotel. The wellness hotel in the Black Forest offers natural components that promote natural wellbeing and wellbeing.

Additionally, we offer a delicious and award-winning wellness diet – all organic and all fresh. We are looking forward to pampering you in the best Black Forest wellness.

Your Wellness Hotel In Schwarzwald

Enjoy a relaxing day at the wellness hotel Alpenblick’s light-flooded SPA. In the Alpenblick Spa, real salt bricks made from orange-red Himalayan salt are backlit to create a salt wall, decorative strip, and floor, giving the rooms a pleasant freshness.

When you breathe deeply in a relaxation room made of salt, you are guaranteed to relax. Space for dreaming about seas and mountains, about untouched nature and gentle morning freshness. Relax in the relaxation room with an open fireplace and enjoy the soft glow of the world’s largest salt stone lamp.

An indoor swimming pool with bubble loungers and sub-aqua sound is the perfect complement to the Höchenschwander sky, whose blue has almost no limits due to its winter schwarzwald wellness garden roof. Soft brine water with a pleasant 32 degrees surrounds the guests. In the summer, you can also enjoy the many hours of sunshine on the pool terrace.

In addition to the aromatherapy saunas and the gymnastics room, there is a fitness room equipped with TechnoGym machines, a Dreamwater Lounge with a massage table, and a gymnastics room at the Alpenblick wellness hotel in the southern Black Forest. Enjoy your idle time.

Brine Pool At Schwarzwald Hotel

In the large saltwater pool of the Alpenblick wellness hotel in the southern Black Forest, soft brine water with a comfortable 32 degrees surrounds you. There is a 1.5% salt content in the water. On the bubble beds, you can put various jets (such as whitewater springs or massage jets) yourself. With a winter garden roof, the play of colors in the water compliments the black forest sky, which almost has no limits.

Our saltwater pool filled with Grander water is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the many hours of sunshine in Höchenschwand. A special filter naturally elevates the water’s biologically valuable quality. Modern technology monitors the quality of the water.

The water is disinfected through the electrolysis of table salt, which does not involve chlorine hydroxide. Take a swim in the saltwater pool of the Black Forest and feel the pleasant sensation on your skin.

Sauna And Relaxation Areas At Schwarzwald

Your well-being can be enhanced by taking a sauna. Cleansed skin and stimulated cell growth are the benefits of taking a sauna. As a result of the change from hot to cold water after the sauna bath, the immune system is strengthened and hardened.

Blood circulation and heart function are improved. Taking a sauna bath will leave you with a sense of well-being. The Alpenblick Wellness Lounge offers a variety of water, coffee, tea, and fruit. You will also find a relaxing place in our relaxation areas where you can read, dream, or just relax.

Tips For Taking A Sauna

  • Everyone benefits from taking the sauna! For instance, no matter what your blood pressure is or if you have diabetes. A doctor should be consulted in some cases, for example at the beginning and at the end of a pregnancy, if you are considering using a sauna.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol two to three hours before going to the sauna and avoid eating anything two to three hours before going.
  • Make sure you listen to your body and stay only as long as you are comfortable.
  • In the sauna, sit or lie on a towel for about five minutes. Stand for the final two minutes. You should gradually increase your sauna time (or steam bath) time.


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