An OUI Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Rights and Minimize the Impact of a Conviction

An OUI (drunk driving) conviction can have serious consequences such as jail time, fines and license suspension. An OUI lawyer can help protect your rights and minimize the impact of a conviction.

They will carefully review all evidence, including police reports and breath or blood test results. They can challenge the validity of evidence and procedural errors that may weaken the prosecution’s case.

A criminal charge of operating under the influence can have lasting impacts on your ability to work and your personal life. A conviction can lead to fines, license suspension, years of increased insurance premiums, community service, alcohol education classes and even jail time.

A good OUI lawyer will fight hard to reduce the charges or avoid a conviction entirely. They will focus on the facts of your case and the unique circumstances surrounding your arrest in order to build a strong defense strategy.

Many attorneys charge an hourly rate which can add up quickly as they perform research, gather evidence, attend court hearings and negotiate with the prosecution. Complex cases with several intricacies or those that go to trial can accumulate more billable hours which will increase the overall cost. However, some lawyers will offer a flat fee arrangement to cover the basic services and expenses of your case. This can make it easier to determine the total cost up front.
Expertise in OUI Laws

A good OUI lawyer knows the laws in the state where your case is taking place and can use this knowledge to build a strong defense. This includes understanding the legal nuances of field sobriety tests and breath and blood testing as well as how to challenge those results in court.

OUI lawyers are also skilled at negotiating with the prosecution to explore plea bargains or reduced charges. They can also provide aggressive representation in court if necessary, including cross-examining witnesses and challenging evidence.

OUI convictions carry serious consequences that can include a criminal record, significant fines, license suspension and potentially jail time. Even a first offense can lead to a year-long license suspension and mandatory enrollment in alcohol education programs. The OUI attorneys at Rahkin Law can work to minimize the penalties that you may face. This includes advocating for a reduction of fines, shorter license suspension and/or alternative sentencing options such as probation or enrollment in alcohol education programs.
Expertise in Criminal Defense

An OUI lawyer is well-versed in the specific laws governing your case, which allows them to assess the evidence and identify potential weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. This can include issues with field sobriety tests or chemical blood test results that may have been influenced by factors such as improper training, equipment malfunction or incorrect handling.

Your attorney can use their knowledge of these issues to challenge the accuracy and reliability of this evidence at your hearing in district court. If you are successful, this can result in the prosecution dropping or reducing the charges against you.

An OUI lawyer can also be instrumental in negotiating with the prosecutor to secure a more favorable plea agreement. This could result in reduced fines, a shorter license suspension or enrollment in alcohol education classes instead of jail time. They can also provide tenacious representation at trial by cross-examining witnesses and challenging the prosecution’s evidence. The result of a conviction for OUI can have serious implications for your career, personal life and freedom.
Personal Representation

A conviction for DUI/OUI in Massachusetts can have serious consequences including significant fines and the loss of your driver’s license. Having an OUI lawyer that understands the laws in this area of practice will be critical to fighting to protect your rights.

A qualified criminal defense attorney will challenge the evidence that the prosecution is relying upon to prove their case. This includes field sobriety tests and breath/blood testing which are commonly used by police to build their drunk driving cases.

An OUI/DUI lawyer will also help you fight the BMV license suspension if you lose the hearing. This can be crucial if you work out of state or travel for your job. An OUI lawyer will assist with filing the necessary paperwork and appear on your behalf at the BMV hearing if necessary.

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