Custom Non-Slip Socks

Often used in yoga, Pilates or barre classes, grip socks have a non-slip surface on the bottom that helps with stability and traction. They’re also breathable and can be worn under shoes for extra comfort.

Custom grip socks are a great option for hospitals, long-term care facilities and even homes. They’re comfy, machine washable and outfitted with customizable Pantone rubber grips.

Custom grip socks can be made with a variety of different color options, styles and materials. They typically feature rubber or silicone attached to the bottom of the sock that provides traction and prevents slippage. The rest of the sock is usually made from a comfortable, soft and breathable material such as cotton or polyester.

While clinicians know that a good traction surface can reduce patient falls, Trinity clinicians also knew that quality, SKU reductions and savings could be found in clinical supplies that aren’t usually the focus of attention – such as patients’ slipper socks. By implementing the CQO framework, Trinity successfully captured impressive cost and quality improvements in slipper socks with a simple formulary approach.
Design Options

Non-slip socks are a popular addition to compression stockings to improve underfoot traction. However, the use of these products can pose resource implications requiring additional regular checks by clinical staff. Additionally, socks that are mis-aligned with the tread pattern can present a trip and slip hazard for patients.

Grip socks are usually made with rubber or silicone attached to the bottom of the sock to provide traction and prevent slippage. These socks can be customized with a number of different colors, patterns and designs to suit the intended use. They can be used for a range of applications including trampoline socks, football socks and more.

The grippy sole of the non-slip socks tested in this study is designed with a three-dimensional tread pattern on the ventral surface (sole) which creates a series of peaks and troughs. It is likely that this design would reduce the effective contact area of the sock with the floor, potentially impacting test results.
Printing Options

The print on these socks can be any design, pattern or text you want. You can also choose the color and material you like best. They are usually made of a comfortable cotton or polyester fabric with rubber or silicone attached to the bottom.

They are a great choice for those who like to wear no show socks with shoes such as boat shoes and sneakers. They feel soft and stay in place all day. Their latest generation has been retrofitted with high grade 270deg non-slip silicon heel grips for even better performance.

Sheec socks come in both no-show and crew styles and are ideal for wearing with sneakers, casual slip ons or loafers. They offer an array of fun prints such as faces, hearts and words such as “Best Friends,” ‘Cat Mom” and various puns. They are priced higher than other no-show socks in this roundup but they have a great fit and fabric quality.

Grip socks deliver reliable stability, especially when moving around on slippery or smooth surfaces. They are also a great addition to sports, dance, yoga, and daily activities.

Non-slip socks are a popular option for compression stocking users. They feature a tread pattern on the ventral surface of the sock sole, which is designed to improve traction. However, there is limited clinical evidence that these socks are effective in preventing patient falls.

In a two-phase study, the performance of three commercially available non-slip socks was compared to compression stocking in a Wet Pendulum Test. The Wet Pendulum Test was chosen because it produces more force at the point of contact, which is more sensitive to small differences in slip resistance.

Choosing a high-quality fabric is important for comfort, and the best choice depends on your specific needs. Combed cotton is soft and gentle against the skin, while synthetic blends offer durability, moisture-wicking properties, and shape retention.custom non-slip socks

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