How Much Does a Solid Roof Conservatory Cost

When it comes to constructing a conservatory, there are many factors that influence the price. The type of style, how big it is and whether it needs to be made open plan to your home can all have a significant impact.

It is important to always get multiple quotes for any home improvement project. This helps to avoid overspending.


If you have a conservatory that feels too much like an extension and not part of your home, installing a solid roof is the answer. This will make it more comfortable and useful all year round, and you’ll find that the sound from outside is less intrusive too. You can choose from a range of different styles, including Victorian, Edwardian, lean to and gable conservatories.

The best solid roofs are designed with your home in mind. They can be made to fit any size of conservatory and come in a selection of tile and colour finishes. This means that you can match it with the rest of your home or create a contrast to really make it stand out.

Be wary of cheap cladover roofs as they are often not as high-quality and may need replacement sooner than you think. A reputable company will offer you a comprehensive service that includes full installation, uPVC gutters and fascias and a 10 year guarantee.


There are a number of upgrades you can undertake to improve your conservatory without the cost and disruption of a full replacement. One of these is a new roof, which can make your conservatory more comfortable and useable year round. Depending on the materials used, this upgrade can also increase security and energy efficiency.

There are several options for solid roof conservatory cost including glass, high-quality polycarbonate, and lightweight tiles. Glass is a better insulator than polycarbonate and can be more visually appealing. However, it can be more expensive than polycarbonate.

Lightweight tiled roofs are easy to install and look like conventional roofing on the inside. They are durable and require very little maintenance. They are available in a range of colors and styles to suit any home. However, they are more likely to attract moss growth, which can damage the roof and obstruct drainage points. They are also heavy, which means that they need extra support and may need to be strengthened or rebuilt to hold the additional weight.

Planning permission

Adding a solid roof to your conservatory is a cost-effective way to make the space more usable all year round. It also adds value to your property, and potential buyers may be impressed by the additional headroom. However, you should always check whether planning permission or Building Regulation approval is required before starting the project.

Changing your existing conservatory to a solid roof changes it from a conservatory to an extension, which means it is likely to require planning permission. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, including if the extension is built within a Listed Building, National Park, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or Conservation Area.

Depending on these factors, you may be able to build an extension without planning permission under the permitted development rules. These rules state that the extension can be up to 8 metres for detached homes and 6 metres for semi-detached and terraced houses. You must also separate the extension from your home with external walls and consult your neighbours.


A solid roof is a great addition to any conservatory and can transform an outdated space into a beautiful modern room that feels like an extension of your home. It also improves the thermal insulation and soundproofing of your conservatory, making it a more pleasant place to be in all year round.

Solid roofs can be expensive, but they’re a great way to improve your home and add value to it. However, it’s important to get multiple quotes from reputable installers and compare prices to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

In some cases, you may need to get planning permission and building regulation approval before installing a solid conservatory roof. Your installer should be aware of this and be able to guide you or even take care of the paperwork for you. They should also be members of trade bodies and accreditation schemes. This will give you peace of mind that they’re a reputable company.

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