How to Catch a Ditto in Pokémon Go?

How to Catch a Ditto in Pokémon Go? Pokemon Ditto is able to transform into other Pokémon. It can mimic the appearance, attributes, and attacks of any Pokémon it sees. Ditto was initially missing from the launch of Pokémon Go, but he eventually made his way into the world as Pidgey, Rattata, Zubat, and Magikarp.

With each subsequent generation, Ditto has learned to transform into new species, and it sometimes ceases to appear as certain species. With iMore, you’ll find everything you need to know about catching this elusive Pokémon. Be sure to check out our best Pokémon Go accessories so you are well-equipped for your journey.

What’s Ditto in Pokémon Go?

Ditto, also known as the Transform Pokémon, is a small, purple blob of a Pokémon that was part of the original 151 Pokémon of Gen I. Even though Ditto isn’t very attractive, it is capable of mimicking the appearance and powers of any Pokémon it sees.

In the core games, Ditto is more useful since it breeds with any Pokémon capable of breeding. While that isn’t super useful in Pokémon Go, you’ll still need it to finish your Pokédex, as well as for certain Special Research. Ditto has to be caught before Mew can be caught.

So Ditto hides as other Pokémon?

Yup! Ditto can transform into other Pokémon, but he has only been seen in the wild in this transformed state. In other words, you can’t see Ditto in Nearby or Sightings, and if he spawns right next to you, you won’t know until you catch him.

The Pokémon you just captured will be revealed to be Ditto and you will be greeted with an “Oh?” instead of a “Gotcha!”. So, you gotta catch ’em all. Literally. You never know when the Pokémon you’re catching might actually be a Ditto.

Why do the Pokémon that are Ditto in Pokémon Go change?

Since Magikarp was the first Pokémon in Go to have a shiny variant available, Ditto could no longer be hidden as it. Every time a Shiny variant of a potential Ditto species has been released since then, it has been removed from the pool. In addition, more Pokémon were added to the pool to balance. Moreover, they’ve always been quite common Pokémon, which avoids disappointment over a Pokémon you really wanted to become Ditto.

In 2021, the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto event will introduce Shiny variants for all of the remaining Gen I Pokémon, including Ditto. To obtain a Shiny Ditto, Trainers had to complete the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto Special Research storyline available only to players who had purchased a ticket for the event.

Shiny Ditto was introduced into the wild during the Season of Mischief in September 2021. The new list of Pokémon Ditto can be hidden as it includes some Pokémon with Shiny variants already unlocked. For players’ sake, if a Pokémon on the list appears as Shiny, it won’t be a Ditto; however, if it’s not shining, it can be either a Ditto or a Shiny Ditto. So if you missed catching a Shiny Ditto during the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto Special Research, you’ll want to catch every Pokémon on the list you can.

Is there a way to accelerate the catch of Ditto in Pokémon Go?

Yes. Because Ditto is determined at the moment a Pokémon spawns, you can crowd-source it. Join a local Pokémon Go community using Discord, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, or a similar service, such as for organizing raids. You can ask everyone to post their Ditto encounters so you can try to achieve one life.

You might want to create a separate group or room for hunting Dittos. This will ensure that you don’t spam players who already have Ditto. It should increase your chances as long as it’s local.

How do I catch Ditto in Pokémon Go?

Since Ditto appears as a common Pokémon, the usual rules apply. Don’t be afraid to throw curveballs, stack up as many bonuses as possible, and go for it!

Also, you can enhance your chances by using Incense, Lure Mods, or Pokémon Go Plus. Any method you would normally use to catch more Pokémon will increase your chances of finding and catching a Ditto.


What Pokemons can Ditto become?

Ditto can be any of these Numel, Dwebble, Gastly, Remoraid, Gulpin, Stunky, Foongus, Teddiursa.

Is Ditto a rare Pokemon?

Ditto is actually a very rare Pokemon as it is disguised into many Pokemons and you wouldn’t know if you are about to catch one.

Can Ditto transform into a human?

Ditto has the ability to change its appearance on the cellular level and can turn into many Pokemons. This gives us the probability that the Ditto can turn into other animals, which makes it possible for Ditto to even turn into a human as well.

Does Shiny Ditto turn into Shinies?

It depends the type of opponent it faces, if the Ditto face a shiny opponent, it’ll turn into a shiny Pokemon and if the opponent is not Shiny, Ditto will do otherwise.

Can Ditto mega evolve?

Yes, Ditto can turn into a mega evolution and it will be just as powerful as the creature. It will maintain the form but there’s no surety that it will hold mega item as well, like a mega stone. Every ability, power, move, stat, and power are same as the mega creature.

What color difference is between a Ditto and Shiny?

The normal Ditto is a pink color creature that can transform into Pokemons or creatures and the Shiny Ditto is a creature that looks exactly the same as normal ditto but in blue color.

Is Meltan a Ditto?

We have seen Meltan turn into a Ditto and turns out that this will be the Pokemon that helps the players move from Pokemon Go to the newer version which is Pokemon Let’s Go.

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