What Should You Look For in a Backpack

If you are looking for a backpack for school, college, sports, camping or just for your daily needs, there are a few things that you should consider. There are several different options available for Michael Kors backpack, including external, frameless, bodypacks, and even anti-theft backpacks.


Frameless backpacks are a great option for ultralight hikers. They are lighter, more compact and more durable. These backpacks can save hikers a minute or two per mile. This means that hikers can complete a 12- to 16-mile day much faster.

While frameless backpacks can help you to cover more ground, they are not for everyone. To find the right pack, you must consider your size, hiking distance and the type of terrain you plan to hike.

Frameless backpacks can be made of a variety of materials. For example, many of the newer models are made of Dyneema fabric. This is a synthetic fiber that is lightweight and is resistant to tears. It is also UV-resistant.

External frame

Many people prefer external frame for backpacks because of the stability they provide. These packs usually sit higher on your body and have straps to hold them in place. External frames also give you more internal space to store your gear.

Several models are available that fit the bill, including Kelty’s Trekker, Tioga, and Yukon. The latter is a good value for the money.

Another great option is the Red Rock pack. It has an extra large capacity (2050 in3) and is made of lightweight polyester. It also has a telescoping frame and a number of Lycra suspension elements.


A bodypack is a wireless transmitter that can be placed in a speaker’s pocket or belt. It’s an essential piece of equipment for presentations and theatre. With a body pack, a presenter can move around freely and still maintain a clear voice.

There are many different types of body packs available. Some systems are simply plug-in transmitters while others contain a built-in headset microphone. Regardless of the type, a bodypack can be used with a wide variety of different microphones. For example, the Sennheiser EW-D SK 3-PIN is a digital bodypack wireless RF transmitter that can handle loud vocalists and line-level signals from mixers.


Anti-theft backpacks are essential if you want to travel with your valuable tech. This is why they come with features like RFID blocking compartments, slash proof material, and more. While they may be a little more expensive than regular backpacks, they are well worth it.

They are also ideal for traveling through cities or airports. In addition to the protective features, they have smooth nylon lining inside, a secure roof closure, and a padded shoulder strap. Many have side bottle pockets.

Pacsafe offers one of the most durable anti-theft backpacks on the market. It has a sturdy construction, a padded laptop sleeve, and a smart locking system. The zippers are slash-proof, tear-proof, and water-resistant.

Water bottle holder

Whether you’re a backpacker, a hiker, or a weekend warrior, water bottle holders can make life easier. A holder that fits your pack and your pockets is essential for keeping your thirst at bay, while also preventing spills.

The best water bottle holders are made from durable and waterproof fabric. Their most innovative designs boast anti-theft features, such as a hydration bladder compartment. Some even feature a locking mechanism that enables you to secure the holder to the leg of a table.

For those who can’t commit to a hydration bladder, a few brands offer reusable sport bottles. These are great for a quick drink on the go, and are a good alternative to the plastic bottle.

Lumbar padding

If you are backpacking on a mountain or an all-season trail, lumbar padding is an excellent addition to your kit. These padded straps not only provide comfort, they also help to protect your back from unnecessary strain.

A pre-molded pad may be the way to go. Typically, these are made of polyethylene foam blocks adhered to nylon material. This provides a non-slip surface and helps keep the pack in place.

An inflatable support bag, which can be connected to a hand pump, is another invention. It’s designed to be inserted into a pocket on the waist belt of a backpack.

Side accessory pockets

When it comes to backpacks, side access is a very popular feature. This feature allows the wearer to sling the backpack onto the front of their body, whic

h in turn means they can quickly get their camera lenses and other gear out of the main compartment without having to fumble through the contents. It is usually an added feature, and is not the only way to gain access to the bag.

Side pockets are great for storing snacks, water bottles, umbrellas, and other items. Typically, they are made of mesh or stretch fabric, and can be attached to the outside of the bag. They can also be used for more conventional purposes, such as stowing a hydration pack. Some of the most common backpacks to use side access include those designed for photography.

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